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The Rule Of Law, R.I.P.

03 April 2014 @ 20:06

Paco performs a thorough autopsy on the dead body of The Rule Of Law and speculates on a very possible ironic outcome for the Left In America who are guilty of the murder of it [and the Quisling Useful Idiots who are accessories before, during, and after the fact]:

But there is another danger, more subtle yet just as corrosive as the damage being done directly by Obama’s overt actions. The president and his adherents are actively undermining respect for the law. Not just specific laws, but the concept of law, the idea of law as the distillation of justice and equity and rights in a form applicable to our daily lives and reliable as a guide to our future endeavors, the result of a deliberative process involving those men and women we freely choose to represent us in the ongoing effort to uphold a civil society dedicated to preserving the optimal balance between individual freedom and order. Obama is done with all of that. The law is no longer something that we have ourselves devised and entrusted to government stewardship with any reasonable expectation of fairness and accountability. To Obama and his ilk, law is a tool of ideology, the twin encouragements of stick and carrot to be applied in establishing the supremacy of the progressive gnosis, something that the federal government does for us (or, increasingly, to us), always and everywhere, of course, for “our own good”, whether we like it or not. The law is now simply the expression of personal power.

And how long can a society stand when its own “elite” refuses to abide by the law? When the highest government officials commit lawless acts with impunity, does this not tend to wear down the ingrained lawfulness of the average citizen, in ways great and small? Leftists frequently like to characterize conservatives as extreme libertarians who cherish a return to some romanticized version of the old west, where men carried their freedom in their holsters. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we do, indeed, wind up with a society along those lines because the High Sheriff decided that his tin star invested him with the divine right of kings?

Without the presence of The Rule Of Law, a Society cannot expect to enjoy any of the stabilities necessary for it to thrive.  True, tangible, beneficial progress cannot happen unless people feel secure in their persons and in their property.

When there is Disorder, no Society can afford the luxury of inspiration – that necessary root of innovation – and, without inspiration, the perspiration that is needed to fulfill the promise of the inspiration is, by circumstances, forced to be expended in merely surviving.

Further, under The Rule Of Whim, the hard-won wisdom gained, the important lessons learned, by previous generations is lost –  rejected by those who live in the Eternal Now.  With every ascendancy to Power And Control of new rulers, new Masterminds, the wheel, therefore, has to be reinvented.  This is a recipe for Regression – a decline into Barbarism.

Destroy The Rule Of Law, install a Rule Of Whim and you unleash The Primitive.  You release the savage that lurks in every Human Soul.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    03 April 2014 @ 20:29 20:29

    The denial that Man is deeply imperfect is the beginning of the path to darkness.

    We do not erect governments, laws, and instituions to get us to Heaven, but to protect ourselves from the dangers that lurk within ourselves.

  2. 05 April 2014 @ 16:23 16:23

    Much obliged for the link!


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