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Thought For The Day

02 April 2014 @ 20:52

Guest post by The Reverend David R. Graham, A.M.D.G…

Women compete with women for men. The aim of their competition is productivity, especially of a potent man’s children. Women are intensely practical in this regard. Nor are they weak. Nor are they wrong regarding the aim. They are ground wanting good seed so they can show how finely fertile they are. One approves the goal and disapproves the current means.

Wars have been kindled by the competition between women for men and by women inciting men to parade their virility as a prelude to their selection for induction to the bridal chamber. Women are not weak. Nor are they uniformly sane.

Women use drugs, welfare, abortion and feminism against women in their competition for men. These tools of misogyny reduce the number of women available for productivity. Women think that reduction lowers their odds of uniting with a potent man. They imagine that reducing the number of competitors — women — is in their interest. It is not in men’s interest, nor children’s. Actually, it is in no one’s interest and to everyone’s detriment.

The thinking of women is frequently fantastic. Misogyny harms men and women equally. Its result is a contraction then a collapse of demographic diversity, the very opposite of the aim — demonstrated fertility — of women’s competition with women for men.

Men have no need for and in most cases despise tools women use against women. Most men utterly deplore misogyny in any form. Life is tragic enough in its natural estate without women going about trying to do each other in over men. One wishes women would spend more time, money and energy being fertile and less time, money and energy trying to prevent other women’s fertility from manifesting.

[Please check out The Rev’s fine blog Theological Geography.]

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