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On The Nature Of The Enemy II

01 April 2014 @ 20:07
We are stardust, we are golden…
Woodstock, lyrics by Joni Mitchell


While in Wikipedia today, I happened upon this explanation of philosopher Eric Voegelin’s writings on Gnosticism, which is a term I have used in the past to describe Leftist Thinking.  I think the unknown author’s rendering is spot-on and Mr. Voegelin’s reasoning offers a very valuable insight into the Leftist Mind:

In his The New Science of Politics, Order and History, and Science, Politics and Gnosticism, Voegelin opposed what he believed to be unsound Gnostic influences in politics. He defined gnosis as “a purported direct, immediate apprehension or vision of truth without the need for critical reflection; the special gift of a spiritual and cognitive elite.”[4] Gnosticism is a “type of thinking that claims absolute cognitive mastery of reality. Relying as it does on a claim to gnosis, gnosticism considers its knowledge not subject to criticism. Gnosticism may take transcendentalizing (as in the case of the Gnostic movement of late antiquity) or immanentizing forms (as in the case of Marxism).”[5]

Voegelin perceived similarities between ancient Gnosticism and modernist political theories, particularly communism and nazism. He identified the root of the Gnostic impulse as alienation, that is, a sense of disconnection from society and a belief that this lack is the result of the inherent disorder, or even evil, of the world. This alienation has two effects:

-The first is the belief that the disorder of the world can be transcended by extraordinary insight, learning, or knowledge, called a Gnostic Speculation by Voegelin (the Gnostics themselves referred to this as gnosis).

-The second is the desire to implement and or create a policy to actualize the speculation, or Immanentize the Eschaton, i.e., to create a sort of heaven on earth within history.

According to Voegelin the Gnostics are really rejecting the Christian eschaton of the kingdom of God and replacing it with a human form of salvation through esoteric ritual or practice.

The primary feature that characterizes a tendency as gnostic for Voegelin is that it is motivated by the notion that the world and humanity can be fundamentally transformed and perfected through the intervention of a chosen group of people (an elite), a man-god, or men-Gods, Übermensch, who are the chosen ones that possess a kind of special knowledge (like magic or science) about how to perfect human existence.

This stands in contrast to a notion of redemption that is achieved through the reconciliation of mankind with the divine. Marxism therefore qualifies as “gnostic” because it purports that we can establish the perfect society on earth once capitalism has been overthrown by the “proletariat.” Likewise, Nazism is seen as “gnostic” because it posits that we can achieve utopia by attaining racial purity, once the master race has freed itself of the racially inferior and the degenerate.

In the two cases specifically analyzed by Voegelin, the totalitarian impulse is derived from the alienation of the individuals from the rest of society. This leads to a desire to dominate (libido dominandi) which has its roots not just in the Gnostic’s conviction of the imperative of his vision but also in his lack of concord with a large body of his society. As a result, there is very little regard for the welfare of those who are harmed by the resulting politics, which ranges from coercive to calamitous (e.g. the Russian proverbs: “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”, “When you chop wood, chips fly”).

The Left believe they are all Messiahs, beings granted THE special Illumination necessary to be, not ‘as gods who walk the Earth’, but, rather, actual gods.  They not only assume the power of gods, but believe that they are divine.

It does not take much Wisdom to see that such persons, if given any kind of power, will do as they please — after all, who dares question the actions of a god?  Who dares restrain a divine being?

The Left believes they are on ‘A Mission From Gods’, as it were.  The trouble is, such gods are not God.  They are Human.  And, therefore, they are and always will be imperfect.  They can never achieve Perfection, yet they tell themselves that they can.
A is always A; a thing is always what it is.  A Human Being is a Human Being — imperfect, subject to the seductions of temptation.

Once again, as in my first post on this subject, we see that Leftists are mentally ill.

The Left In America must be stopped before it can further implement it’s dangerous and reckless and insane plans.

  1. 01 April 2014 @ 20:43 20:43

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. 02 April 2014 @ 08:05 08:05

    Yah. Mark Levin referred to the Secular Gnostics as “masterminds,” which term (IIRC) was first used during the FDR Administration.

  3. J Michael permalink
    02 April 2014 @ 09:27 09:27

    1. In a sense I believe your assertion that leftists are mentally ill. As such, how do you plan to ‘stop’ them? Reasoning and facts certainly don’t work, in fact, that’s precisely WHY leftists do what they do. Voting doesn’t work, as the last several years will attest, because the game is so rigged for (a) the incumvbents, and (b) low-information voters who go for the goodie bag. So your/our options? Assassinations? Genocide?

    2. I tend to go with a recent explanation of their behavior by Jeff Lord. Leftism/Liberalism is a religion PRECISELY because it ignores both fact and reason – it relies solely on faith. faith that the Government supposedly knows how you should live more than you do.

    BTW, LOVE your Rule 5 Page. Ashley Graham’s just a smoking-hot goddess…

    • 03 April 2014 @ 19:21 19:21

      The Catholic Faith utilizes both Faith and Reason, to provide just one example.

      Leftism is more a cult.

  4. Bob permalink
    03 April 2014 @ 19:47 19:47


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