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The American Stain: Hillary Rodham Clinton

11 March 2014 @ 20:37

Just as it is incredibly important to remember every time we think of Vladimir Putin that he is a cold-blooded murderer of innocents, so it is vitally important that we remember that Hillary Rodham [Clinton] is a ruthless woman unrestrained by even a single atom of Morality.

There are many Americans who don’t know of the many immoral actions she took when she was First Lady, either because they were too young or were too busy enjoying themselves and not keeping an eye on those who were wielding Power And Control.  Her actions, like her disgusting, accused rapist Husband’s, were vile and offensive to every decent Human Being.  Those two left permanent stains on the American Fabric.

In his latest column for The American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord reminds us of Hillary’s sordid and ruthless past, while providing us with information on what she and those she is directly connected with are currently doing and are planning on doing in the months before November 2016.

A few highlights:

Reports Politico of [David] Brock, [George] Soros, Hillary and company, with bold print supplied:

EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas is one of the RNC’s finalists for the 2016 convention, and plenty of Republicans are calling it the favorite, based on the hope that casino magnate Sheldon Adelson would contribute generously, obviating the financial worries that plague most host committees. But Playbook has learned that American Bridge, the Democratic tracking and opposition research outfit founded by David Brock and run by Brad Woodhouse, plans to devote up to three dozen trackers with video cameras to Sin City if the GOP picks it. American Bridge has committed to deploy what a source called a “tracking operation on steroids” to cover the plethora of venues sure to attract Republican politicians and operatives.

Per a Democratic source: “American Bridge’s plans would scatter trackers with video cameras from one end of the Strip to the other and would include a rapid response war room in the city to turn the footage into instant products — even potentially television ads — exposing whatever activities and hypocricies (sic) they catch on film. … American Bridge’s efforts … would be looking to capture everything from the late night carousing of politicians to simply filming candidates who claim to be the bastion of family values entering and exiting bars and casinos.”

Catch that? Any “late night carousing” of those “entering and exiting bars and casinos” will have their privacy targeted by Clinton’s group.

Clinton’s American Bridge PAC, operated by ally David Brock, has been funded by Soros, as reported here:

American Bridge received $1 million from the Soros Fund Management firm during the 2012 election cycle and funding from individual donors and labor unions.

The group has been transformed from an ordinary political action committee into the political version of the NSA, its staffers working out of a room littered with computer monitors that will flash the latest privacy invasion for dissemination.

All of this in the name of electing Hillary Clinton president—where Clinton would be in charge of the IRS, the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA.


This is, of course, the 21st-century high-tech version of the Clinton strategy that was followed back in 1992. As described by former Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff in his 1999 book on the Clinton scandals, Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter’s Story, the Clinton campaign used private investigator Jack Palladino, whose task in spying on various Bill Clinton paramours was “gathering information that would raise questions about their credibility or mental stability.” Precisely the self-promoted task of American Bridge.


Hillary Rodham is thoroughly corrupt and, unlike other politicians of the past who were so stained [Napoleon comes to mind], she is also serially incompetent — said incompetence arising out of her profound and self-satisfied and self-inflicted ignorance.

Hillary is the kind of leader a people willing to be ruled by Tyrants deserve.

Are we that far gone?

  1. 11 March 2014 @ 21:24 21:24

    Hillary! will never be president. Forget the Clinton Machine and her personal ruthlessness and will to power, she is so unlikeable and such a bad campaigner that she will never get enough votes. Obama was a cypher the first election and had developed enough of a cult of personality the second election that enough people could delude themselves into believing that he was personable and likeable. Everyone — even her allies — knows what a nasty person Hillary! is and if anyone — hermits ‘n such — doesn’t know that, they’ll find quickly enough.

    I hope, I pray, that the Demi-crats buy into the Inevitable Candidate b.s. and nominate her. It’s one of the greatest gifts they could give to the GOP and the rest of the nation.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    11 March 2014 @ 21:36 21:36

    So what do they do if Hillary’s not the nominee? I’d put her chances, just using my gut instincts at 50/50. She’s never won a competitive campaign, she’s just not left enough for much of the base and Democrats don’t usually go with the also ran from the last race. Within the Democratic party there are many who intensely dislike her, this isn’t hard to understand. While I don’t know of any particular health problems there have been rumors and she is at the age where health problems can go south in a hurry. The main reason she’s considered a “lock” is most people can’t imagine who else. While certainly Biden has no chance there is still time for somebody to crawl out of the woodwork.

    • 11 March 2014 @ 21:49 21:49

      Squaw Liz Warren???

      • 11 March 2014 @ 23:02 23:02

        Heh. That’s my second wish. She’s only slightly less unlikeable than Hillary. And, BTW, she’s nearly as old as Hillary! (she just looks like she’s drunk less whiskey), and would the country go a three-fer on stupid for another one-term senator?

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        12 March 2014 @ 00:33 00:33

        Naw: She’s smarter than Hilary

        • Starless permalink
          12 March 2014 @ 08:41 08:41

          I meant that those who voted for Obama were stupid (or “naive” if you prefer). I have no idea how smart or stupid Fauxcahontas is.

  3. 11 March 2014 @ 21:39 21:39

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  4. 12 March 2014 @ 13:17 13:17

    They say that she’s as left as O. I wonder if a lot of Dems wouldn’t want her because of slick Willy? He would probably be advising her and, possibly, getting into trouble again.

    • 12 March 2014 @ 14:46 14:46

      I know too many Dems and they all admire Hillary!, but they love, love, LOVE Slick Willy. I think they’re hoping for the wet dream dual presidency they were promised when Bill was in office. Remember, with Bill and Hillary! we were supposed to get a two-fer. Oh, yeah, and with Bill and alGore we supposed to get another two-fer. So, it was supposed to be like a presidential ménage-a-trois or something.


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