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Mitch McConnell: Useful Idiot [UPDATED]

10 March 2014 @ 20:38

Mitch-McConnell-Old-Maid-01-108Old Granny Mitch has been shooting-off his mouth again.

Here’s what The New York Times reported and McConnell has not denied saying [tip of the fedora to Jazz Shaw]:

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell predicted the GOP establishment will destroy conservative insurgents attempting to unseat a trio incumbents in an interview with the New York Times published on Sunday.

“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell said. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

Spoken like a true Useful Idiot of the Left Republican.

Over at his joint, Dan Riehl lays out the case why McConnell’s ‘Poor Leadership Needs To End One Way Or Another‘.

Please read the whole indictment, but here’s a highlight from it:

…it was Mitch McConnell working to keep the shutdown meme in the news purely as a way of demonizing Cruz and any and all of the more conservative members of the Republican Party.

In essence, while claiming to be a good leader, instead of quickly putting the shutdown behind the GOP, as a good leader would, he worked to divide the party even more purely for his own selfish advantage. Those are not the actions of a good leader. They are the actions of a self-serving, small-minded power hungry politician who has already been in Washington far too long.

Dan is so angered by McConnell’s actions that he is prepared to take this step:

I’m quite serious when I say that I am now so disgusted with McConnell’s weak and divisive leadership, if he does beat Bevin in the primary, I would then prefer to see his Democrat opponent win in the general because I am absolutely convinced he’s the wrong man to continue to have a leadership role in the GOP going forward.

He needs to go, even at the cost of seeing a Democrat elected in Kentucky….

I suspect he is not alone in his thinking.

I’m with Dan on this one.  Mitch McConnell is disgrace and must be removed from the levers of Power no matter if the loss of his seat to a Democrat means the GOP will not gain control of the Senate next year.

Quisling-Flag-001-600x375What good would it do for our struggle to restore our freedoms and liberties as Americans if the man running a Republican-controlled Senate is our enemy, someone who has vowed to ‘crush’ us.

All this talk of gaining control of both Houses of the Congress and then fighting for what we believe in is pure Leftist-worthy Wishful Thinking [aka: fantasy].

Those people who would lead the House and Senate will all be Quislings like Granny Mitch and Cryin’ John because they will save any ruthlessness they have for defeating conservatives.  Think about this: they would rather remain in the minority then let any more Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees into their Establishment Club [see: Lugar, Richard].

No…McConnell and Boehner and their leadership teams must be consigned to the reserved box of life’s failures at the Dog Track.


GOP Establishment Delenda Est!

UPDATE at 2117…

Further evidence that Mitch McConnell is not suited to hold any office…

Somehow I missed this last week [apologies to Lee]:

How Tea Party Donor Money Went To Mitch McConnell & John Cornyn

March 5, 2014 by

Follow the money.

How did $20,000 in donations that people thought was going to the “Tea Party Movement” end up in the hands of  establishment Republicans Mitch McConnell & John Cornyn?

The transactions don’t show up on the Leadership Fund list of candidate expenses. It’s all a matter of public record but it’s been hidden of diverting it through a JFC or Joint Fundraising Committee.

Do take the time to click here and read the rest.

Corruption, thy name is Mitch.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    10 March 2014 @ 23:09 23:09

    I seen video of McConnell speaking quite eloquently about free speech but that was several years ago. Since that time I’ve not found him to be a useful anything.
    And another thing! I’m tired of people trash talking the shutdown. It’s a pity the amendment mandating a shutdown every other year never passed. It is the lack of shutdowns between 96 and 2013 (and the last one was less than a month) that have caused Americans to have such a poor view of their government. After all how are we to know how crucial the federal government is to every moment of our existence if we are not deprived of it from time to time?

  2. Ernst Schreiber permalink
    11 March 2014 @ 00:43 00:43

    Dan Riehl is right about McConnell needing to go, regardless of the cost.

    Dick Lugar and Mike Castle are the proof.

    • 11 March 2014 @ 21:52 21:52


      Time to take some risks and play tough. Enough is enough. This situation calls for something Otteresque:

      We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

      And we’re just the Hobbits to do it.

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    11 March 2014 @ 12:14 12:14

    I was at my State Senate district convention as a delagate. We’re mostly focused on kicking out Al Franken (D-Hollywood) with respect to the US Senate, but Mitch McConnell did get a denunciation.

  4. 11 March 2014 @ 21:45 21:45

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.


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