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From ‘The Rule Of Law’ To ‘The Law Of Rule’

09 March 2014 @ 19:27

Senator Ted Cruz spoke recently of the current Law Of The Land [tip of the fedora to Sissy Willis]:

We are still a nation of laws. You just have to check with Barack Obama every day to see what they are.

The Senator made this remark at the Gridiron Dinner, where he wowed the crowd according to Tony Lee.

PALIN / CRUZ 2016 [he needs Executive experience].

  1. 09 March 2014 @ 22:17 22:17

    I don’t think Palin is going to run. Hopefully, though, if she does, she does so early and openly. And doesn’t piddle fart around like she did last election.

  2. 09 March 2014 @ 22:17 22:17

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  3. 10 March 2014 @ 13:20 13:20

    I can’t see Palin putting her kids and husband through hell again. Not to worry about Cruz’s executive experience; he’d be a fast learner.

  4. Adobe_Walls permalink
    10 March 2014 @ 15:19 15:19

    I imagine Palin’s negatives are still in the “don’t put your self through this range”. As for Cruz he reminds me of President Ruthless Hardass a little bit. So not a chance.

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