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‘The People Themselves Have Become Corrupted’

08 March 2014 @ 00:05

It seems that my good Friend In The Ether, Stacy McCain, feels the same way as Angelo Codevilla and I do [see my post: On The Revolution In America]:

…It is possible to summarize our problem in two words: Cultural Decadence.

Simply put, a majority of the American people have become degenerates, and have been swept up in the general decline in virtue, a dangerous trend that our cultural elite have actively encouraged. A wise people never would have elected Barack Obama president, and a moral people never would have re-elected him.

We cannot ignore this. Living under a democratic form of government means that the morality of the people is implicated in their political choices. If we have a corrupt government, this is only possible because the people themselves have become corrupted.

And we have.

With Leftist Thinking.

  1. 08 March 2014 @ 12:45 12:45

    Decadence means separated into parts and pieces. Its opposite and antidote is wholeness, reunion, especially of power and meaning.


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