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The State Of The GOP Union…

23 February 2014 @ 19:11

as delivered by retired Admiral Of The Afghan Seas Smitty:

…You can love or hate McConnell and Boehner all day long, but if you took them both to court, you could not convict them of having any vision. They’re both just caretakers of the Progressive regulatory State, here to make sure that we’re only buried in 9,000 pages of new regulations, instead of the Democrat’s full 10,000.

Dump that noise. It’s high time for reform.

All of the members of the GOP Leadership are nothing but modern Vichy French, new models of Norwegian Quislings, willing to collaborate with the Enemies of The United States, or, as they are usually known as: the Left In America*.

As we are edging towards the one-hundredth anniversary of World War I, it might be worthwhile to remember the futility of Trench Warfare, which, it seems, we are engaged-in with the GOP leadership [they, of course, are the Kaiser’s Armies in this scenario].


Kaiser Mitch congratulates
Generaloberst Johann ‘Dummkopf’ McCain
for his latest attack on U.S. General Ted ‘Blood & Guts’ Cruz.


Kaiser Mitch plots strategy with
Generalfeldmarschall Johann ‘Schwächling’ Cornyn
and Generalfeldmarschall Johann ‘Speichellecker’ Thune

[As a public service:]

*I use the term ‘Left In America’ when referring to the
Leftists who live in The United States because their beliefs
are completely foreign to everything America stands for.
They are alien invaders, talking in a language that many
of us have trouble truly comprehending because it cloaks
itself in normal dress, manipulating the definitions of our
words in subtle ways, to the point where understanding
what’s afoot is very difficult.

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