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The GOP As Fools – Could This Be One Explanation? [Updated]

14 January 2014 @ 19:07

In his latest column over at The American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord describes the main sickness afflicting the Republican Party [emphasis mine]:

If one is a serious conservative, finding oneself accused of misusing federal funds (as is just now true of Governor Christie) because your state government used $25 million in federal taxpayer dollars to promote your state — with you starring in a glossy TV commercial that just happens to coincide with your re-election — would never happen. Why? Because if you were on the receiving end you would never accept it in the first place… and if on the giving end you would never give out federal bucks to slyly help a politician’s re-election… period. Instead of taking Big Federal Taxpayer Bucks showcasing himself in an election year, Christie should have rejected the money outright. But he didn’t. And “everybody else misuses these funds”…i.e., other governors…is no excuse for a genuine conservative leader. Which, clearly, Chris Christie is decidedly not. All those “Stronger Than The Storm” commercials (as seen here) are suddenly turning into truth-in-advertising that Chris Christie is truly not only not stronger than the liberal storm…. he is in fact part of the liberal hurricane. If you want to know why America has a $17 trillion debt and $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities that will bankrupt Americans, the $25 million “Stronger Than The Storm” Chris Christie commercials are now front and center as Exhibit A.

The GOP no longer stands for anything worthy.  It has succumbed to the temptation to Power And Control that has infected the Democratic Party for decades.  This is not a new and unique phenomenon for such an organization.  One can look to many examples in history where a political group which had been known for it’s allegiance to a set of convictions eventually capitulated to the seductive lure of Mistress Power, such as the Roman Senate in the time of Julius Caesar, when the moral corruption of Senators led to the fall of The Roman Republic.  And, make no mistake, the leadership and most of the membership of the GOP, at every level, is morally corrupt and bankrupt.

The Republican Party is now run by those who have rejected all noble, honorable, moral, and decent convictions and have sold their souls for a seat at the Table Of Power.

The thing is, the best they can hope for is a seat at the children’s table adjacent to the adult’s table because they lack something the Left and the Democrats have in spades: fanatical commitment to a system of ideas that is all encompassing.

The Stupid Party is so naive that it cannot believe that it’s associates on the Left are as committed to their Ideology as they truly are, and that the Democrats are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.  They cannot believe that the Left will sanction the deaths of Human Beings if that is necessary to bring about their Heaven On Earth — but they will, and do [see: Death Panels].

The GOP thinks of politics as ultimately a congenial affair — a never-ending Rotary Club meeting where the boys play rough now and again, but, at the end of it all, they’re all chums.  The Democrats, in contrast, are playing for keeps — to their minds they are engaged in a life and death struggle against ‘evil’.

The Republicans are eternally collegial, whereas the Left are Ideological soldiers on a mission from their false gods and they, therefore, act accordingly — they are as relentless as only rabid zealots can be.

When confronted by the ruthlessness of the Left, the Establishment Republicans shiver in fear and quickly capitulate.  They don’t possess any understanding of their enemy.  Such ignorance is the perfect breeding ground for fear and panic.  The GOP are the masters of cowering and groveling.

All of this renders the Republican Party blind to something that Mr. Lord remarks on [please do take the time to click here and read the whole of his column]:

If in fact the point is…to elect Republicans in 2014 to a majority in the Senate and House as well as across the country just to play tough guy (or girl) by shutting down a bridge or launching a flatly untrue story about a conservative talk radio host [Mark Levin] — than there is in fact no point to victory in 2014 for the GOP. Bridget Kelly and Brad Dayspring have vividly illustrated that there is nothing they are doing that can’t be done by some Democrat operative out there. Why should grassroots conservatives even bother to show up at the 2014 polls in the first place?

Why indeed.

Besides, we Outlaws have better things to do.

[Tip of the fedora to Stacy McCain]

UPDATE at 2103…

Speaking of just how naive the GOP can be is King of the Visigoths Jeff Goldstein:

As Chris Christie is learning, the left is not interested in bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle, and uses the neediness of a mushy “center rightest” searching for DC acceptance and plaudits to lure him in and then, when the time comes, bring out the long knives.

The RINOs will never understand this, because they take the phony comity and cocktail party invites and insular collegiality seriously, as part of a ruling class convention, a sign of having been accepted as part of the elect.   And that often holds true until it’s time for a particular threat to be eliminated — and all that takes is some small opening, some crack, some opportunity to seize on a scandal or perceived scandal.

Listen, and understand. The Marxists are there! They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until liberty is dead.


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