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09 January 2014 @ 20:43

1) First week back from vacation is a real Hillary.

2) More importantly: I’ve got a major case of Black Dog over the way things are going.

I’m working on it.

  1. 10 January 2014 @ 09:18 09:18

    Two things to cheer you up, Bob.
    First, while I was in Melbourne I was made very welcome at the
    Institute of Public Affairs. It was a pleasure to spend some time with a few people who are conservative, sharp-minded (not saying the two are mutually exclusive) and, most of all, young. If the term ‘conservative think-tank’ puts you in mind of a group of old men discussing the price of oil in the Middle East while they sink into deep leather chairs and sip port, guess again.
    The IPA is a small outfit but in the last few years it’s been punching well above its weight. I get a lot of views on my blog from the US; a lot of you over there are looking to The Great South Land for reasons to hope. John Roskam and the team at the Institute are one of those reasons.

    Second – well, I hope this gives you a good laugh.

  2. 10 January 2014 @ 17:47 17:47

    Please get over the Black Dog Bob. We can’t all have it at the same time.

    What I’ve had is a severe case of writer’s block for the past several months…that and I’ve gotten lazy about blogging, preferring instead to read and contemplate what others have written.

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