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On @ProteinWisdom And The Bipolar Vortex

07 January 2014 @ 20:50

There has been much hysterical talk these past few days about a phenomenon of weather known as THE POLAR VORTEX!!! [cue: a real seriously serious Wagnerian leitmotif], but I think, by concentrating on a event that will soon wither away [as it always does], we are missing an even greater and more frightening maelstrom that has engulfed us.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, defines the word ‘vortex‘ thusly:

1. A spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it toward its center.

2. A place or situation regarded as drawing into its center all that surrounds it.

It seems to me that The United States has been in a Leftist Charybdis for well-over a century now, sucking all of us towards it’s dank and soulless center of Nihilism.

So…since Leftist Thought is at times manic and at times depressing as Hell, I have chosen to label this mutant and malevolent maelstrom: The Bipolar Vortex.  I, therefore, hereby call for the heavy medicating of all Leftists in the interests of ending Global Deforming!

Of course, as Jeff Goldstein points out, for those Leftists in charge of creating and overseeing the popularizing the latest Progressive memes, the whole Global Warming / Climate Change thing was never really about what it seemed:

Like everything else the left trots out with its sophistry and strained emotionalism, though, the whole climate change industry is, and always has been, at base about the restructuring of power, the re-configuring of global wealth, and the totalitarian control of individuals and industry through centralized, unelected bureaucracies beyond the reach of voters.

Coupled with the left’s desire to delegitimize state sovereignty and its constant longing for transnational progressivism embodied in World Courts and tribunals of those who’ve been groomed since birth to assume what they believe is their natural position as earth’s social engineers — people once again whose very value should naturally place them outside the temporary whims of the doltish herds and their ridiculous voting powers — climate “science,” proven always and forever to be as phony as the promise of “free” health care, is but the vehicle through which the progressive central planners hope to affect a worldwide restructuring of power and wealth.

Though not, of course, for themselves. Who will be quite adequately taken care of. For doing the difficult work of ruling the planet. Which one simply must do in the nicest shoes and custom suits, while being chauffeured around in reinforced town cars with body guards and diplomatic perks. For the Greater Good.


For the Leftist Masterminds, it is always about Power And Control — achieving it and maintaining it.

  1. 08 January 2014 @ 10:57 10:57

    The terrible thing is that the climate does indeed change and sometimes those changes lead to terrible consequences for humans and other living things, but Warmists’ ideological Chicken Little-ing (for the limited purpose of enriching themselves and obtaining power over other people) undermines the legitimacy of a new, but important, branch of study. My hero in this is the physicist Freeman Dyson, who acknowledges global warming but instead of proposing a solution which punishes people (particularly the poor — and not what we call “poor” in the US, but really poor — in countries like China) he’s proposed a technological solution (carbon-eating super trees. No, really!) which moves us forward, not backward. Optimism is what works to solve problems not fear-mongering and lying.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    08 January 2014 @ 13:29 13:29

    This whole scam like all the other commie scams is about redistributing wealth and amassing power. The Republican party is OK with this. The time has come for any thinking person to consider if it wouldn’t be better to skip the charades, bypass the middlemen and just go ahead and vote CPUSA. Get this shindig started and let the most dedicated side win.

  3. Chris permalink
    08 January 2014 @ 17:54 17:54

    When I was a child, they used to call these things storms. Shit happens, move on. Guess what? they’re still storms. Shit happens, move on. The best thing that can happen is to ignore the Warmists.

    • 09 January 2014 @ 23:27 23:27

      I would if they ignored us, but the rat bastards will not. They insist on regulating us, depriving us of our freedoms and liberties.

  4. M. Thompson permalink
    08 January 2014 @ 22:13 22:13

    Welcome back.

    Also, perhaps a mention this issue is not fully understood at this time would be the smart thing to do.

    And no more junkets to exotic places. If you want a conference, I’m sure there are lots of Vegas casinoes that will be more than willing to host these science types.


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