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Arise, Ye Sinners, Arise

07 January 2014 @ 20:13

In a post earlier today, Jeff Goldstein took-on and demolished the Leftist Big Lie known as ‘Income Inequality’.

A highlight:

On ‘income inequality’ – which even such supposedly fiscal-minded Republicans, most notably Paul Ryan, have conceded is concerning, I have but this to say: like minimum wage increase arguments, “income inequality” arguments are populist horse shit and, if we had a party that represented the ideals of this country, and wasn’t simply an opposition party solely for the purposes of being an opposition party and awaiting turns in public sentiment (and the paucity of choices) to take their turn at the helm of the unwieldy federal juggernaut, we would’ve buried this particular piece of leftist agitprop easily and from the start.

Please do take the time to read the rest here.

One sentence from Jeff in the post finally aroused me from my vacation-induced, disgust-laced silence:

And until we have representatives willing to brazenly and forcefully make the argument — instead of falling back into “us-too”-ism — we’ll continue this leftward drift.

I replied…

Indeed. But, until enough people [and a majority is not needed, as the history of America has shown repeatedly] re-embrace Virtue, this will not happen.

The fault, Dear Jeff, lies not in our political stars, but in ourselves.

We have — to varying extents — all allowed Leftist Thinking, that reasoning based on a distorted view of the World that forms the basis of our thoughts, to corrupt our Souls, to strip us of some of our Common Sense and Right Reason, to dilute our Moral Imaginations. The disease that is Leftist Thinking has been so invasive and insidious throughout our whole lives that none of us have been immune to it.

We must find out what Virtue is and work every minute of every day to live it – especially when no one is looking.

There must be a Great Awakening Of Virtue if there is to be any hope of our efforts achieving success.

[NOTE: The above is not as complete an argument as I usually try to make, but it’s a start.]

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    08 January 2014 @ 13:56 13:56

    Before they address income inequality they need to address violent crime inequality. If they would address who birthed them, who parented them, who educated them, and who preached to them, they might actually get a grip on who the problem children are and how to remedy the problem. It sure isn’t solved by taxing the patriarchy families to provide free shit for the matriarchy families.

  2. 09 January 2014 @ 22:43 22:43

    Leftist Thinking rises from a bumptious, irrational reading the parable of the Good Smaritan.

    • 09 January 2014 @ 23:25 23:25

      And a pathetic refusal to except Life as it is and Human Beings as they are.

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