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Holiday Poll 2013 – Part The First

20 December 2013 @ 12:01

Recently, MSNBCLSD anchor Tom Roberts ‘outed‘ our Fearless Leader:

THOMAS ROBERTS: So how do you think that the president can balance all the delicate foreign policy issues but still take a decisive stand on human rights because so many people consider president Obama to be the first gay president.

SHAWN [I kid you not] GAYLORD: Right, I mean that is something that the president has to struggle with all the time….

With that in mind, we here at TCOTS  are conducting our first poll:

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  1. M. Thompson permalink
    20 December 2013 @ 20:36 20:36

    Caligula just seems appropritate for this wreck of a man.

    Alexander at least left a legacy. And few are entertained positively by Mr. Obama.

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