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Remembering #Mandela – ‘Charming…But He Set His Dogs On Us’

08 December 2013 @ 08:59

NOTE: I’ve done several posts on Mandela, not because the Left is engaged in a non-stop relay fellatio session on the dead Bolshevik, but because of people like Max Boot and Joel Pollak.  As Stacy McCain wrote Saturday:

Like I said, it helps to step back occasionally and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” In this case, it was about an obvious example of media bias that I did not see other conservatives hastening to correct. And, worse, you had people like Max Boot at Commentary trying to sell conservatives a shiny Whig-history version of Mandela, to produce an Official Conservative Narrative from which no one might deviate without being deemed Unacceptable in Polite Company.

So . . . farewell, Bill Buckley and Russell Kirk.



-Those words quoted in the title are the concluding remarks of Christian missionary Peter J. Hammond reflecting on his meeting with Nelson Mandela, posted over at Trevor Loudon’s great site, New Zeal.

I would urge you all to click here and watch the interview [tip of the fedora to Gulag Bound].

-Evi, I think, has a very good suggestion on how to deal with the attempt by both Left and Right to canonize Mandela.

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