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Make Cyber-Monday Cyber-Money for @RSMcCain

02 December 2013 @ 09:57

It’s so simple, even a Bolshe could understand how to do it

If you’re planning on buying stuff today at Amazon, go to The Other McCain first and click on any of his Amazon ads.

You don’t have to buy the item listed.

Just enter the wonderful world of Amazon through one of the ads on Stacy’s page and he’ll get a commission — a cut, a fee, a rake-off, vigorish.

It’s that darn easy.

And you’ll be helping American’s Favorite Gonzo Reporter stay in business, so that he can continue to provide the kind of reporting and analysis [tinged with his unique brand of crazy] that we’ve all come to know and love — and shake our heads at in disbelief.

Do it.

Guys…this is The Man Who Invented Rule 5.

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