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Wake Up And Smell The Despotism, Dammit [UPDATED]

25 November 2013 @ 19:28

In a column written in reaction to Harry Reid’s successful move to invoke the so-called ‘Nuclear Option’, Reid Smith remarks:

His decision will further polarize an already “obsolete” Senate. More galling, he’s content to ignore the obvious. By razing the parliamentary architecture envisioned by the Framers, he’s undermined the institution he pretends to preserve. Recall Federalist 51, in which James Madison discusses the means by which our republican government can curb the tyranny of the majority. Most importantly, he emphasizes the importance of constitutional resistance to “encroachments” by competing branches.

Reid’s having none of that.

Mr. Smith, please read the following very carefully…

Harry Reid. Doesn’t. Care.

You, it seems, assume that Harry Reid gives a good Goddamn about maintaining the integrity of the Senate.

How wretchedly naive are you — especially after watching this cretin for well over a decade?

Harry Reid, like the good Leftist he is, cares only about fundamentally transforming The American Republic into a Democratic People’s Republic ruled over by a Politburo made-up of Socialists like himself, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, et. al., who rule under a figurehead Caesar.

You’re a fine writer, Mr. Smith, and your columns are always worth a read, but, if you keep on being so bloody naive, you’re useless to the cause of restoring our freedoms and liberties.

Wake up and smell the Despotism and the malevolence and the Evil that is enveloping this nation in a highly toxic pollution.

And if you refuse to, get the Hell out of our way — time is running out and we don’t need people like you treating treasonous bastards like Harry Reid as if they deserved legitimacy.


UPDATE at 2017…

According to The Wall Street Journal, as quoted by Mandy Nagy in a report over at Legal Insurrection [tip of the fedora to Jeff Goldstein]:

President Barack Obama personally lobbied three Democratic senators who were unsure about a proposed ban on filibusters of presidential nominees, an 11th-hour effort earlier this week that reflected how much the White House expects to rely on executive actions to press its second-term agenda.

A Senate Democratic aide said Mr. Obama called senators who were on the fence and told them “how important this was to him and our ability to get anything done for the rest of the term.” The White House confirmed that Mr. Obama contacted senators but declined to say whom he called.

This further bolsters my argument.  By his lobby of Senators for a Senate rule change, Obama [ie: the head of the Executive Branch] violated Separation Of Powers.  Presidents do not enter into such situations.

But, you see, Barack Hussein Obama believes he is not bound by propriety or tradition or The Constitution.  His Oath Of Office means nothing to him.

The Reid Smiths of this country need to accept the Reality that The Constitution Of The United States has been set-aside by those charged with preserving, protecting, and defending it.  These Traitors have rejected the Sacred Honor they were gifted by being born as Americans.

That odor you smell is Treason.

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