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The Eternal Flame Of Failure: On JFK, Et. Al.

23 November 2013 @ 01:53

Now that the MSM, politicians, and many of the ordinary, but fool Americans have, hopefully, finished with their fellating of JFK, Jackie O, Camelot-of-bull, etc., I feel it is the time to offer some thoughts on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the assassination and some of it’s connected matters…

-Let’s get this out of the way: Communist Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who murdered John Kennedy.  I’ve studied the evidence since I was a teenager [I even build a Lego version of Dealey Plaza] and there is no doubt in my mind that Oswald was the only one firing the shots.

Perhaps he was egged-on by others — I’m not sure we’ll ever know — but if that is true, I have no doubt the ‘others’ were fellow Leftists, possibly the Soviets.  Not the Mafia.  Not the CIA.  Not LBJ.

But Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone [feel free to express any alternate theories in the Comments, but know that I will not respond].

As for the conspirators, if there were any, I agree with BGBear, over at Protein Wisdom, that they made a huge mistake:

They seemed to miss the best way to cover up this whole thing, arrest Zapruder.

Or kill him.

-The Left, especially those members of it who worked in the national government in 1963, faced a dilemma when it came out that Oswald was a stinking Marxist, or as Jackie O put it: ‘some silly little Communist’.

Oswald was one of the Left’s own, a certified hater of The United States Of America and everything it stood for — in other words: a member in good-standing of the Left’s Groupthink Brigade.

So, they, with the connivance of the dreadful and debauched Kennedy Family [especially Jackie O], proceeded to remake JFK in the image of a Saint Of The Left and of The Elite, The Beautiful People.  JFK was to be, and became, an ageless and wise King Arthur [I guess that makes Jackie, Guinevere, and, I guess, Aristotle Onassis, Lancelot?].

Covered-up in an avalanche of lies were the facts that he was not qualified to be President and that his Administration was an embarrassment that sagged under a wealth of cross incompetence.  He and his Administration put uproarious laughter into the hearts of the Soviets and caused our NATO Allies to soil their underwear.

White-washed was the truth that JFK was a mortally-ill man, hopped-up on mind-altering drugs, who was dangerously reckless in his intimate life.  Since the rise of the Kennedy Family, they have been an open sore of corruption on the skins of politics and of the culture.

The Left and the Kennedy family connived to relegate Communist Lee Harvey Oswald to a dark corner where his Marxism and motives would be forgotten, blaming Texans, at first, for the assassination and then expanding the blame to a concocted ‘attitude of hate and bigotry’, a ‘spiral of hate’, that cut, they claimed, a huge swath throughout America.  We were all to blame for The Death Of JFK™.  And it was not the last time the Left would Blame America First [nor, of course, was it the first, but this incident caused such smearing to become legitimized].

-Donald Douglas is spot-on in this observation:

That movement had to exist for many years in the shadows of American Life, but, after the JFK Myth™ and all it’s related fictions became accepted and then embedded in The Culture, it could begin to operate in the open, thus speeding-up the fundamental transformation of America into the mutant creature it is today.

Michael Knox Beran [tip of the fedora to Ernst Schreiber]:

…But there is more than a whiff, in a TV cult like Kennedy’s, of Roman decadence. Caesar and his heirs beguiled the people not only with bread but also with shows, and the shows not less than the bread eventually got the better of them. Ten years ago Bill Buckley opined that JFK, director and star of one of our most successful national shows, had come to be “worshipped, which word exactly describes the attitude we have toward him.”

An ominous development. The Romans, who after the deposition of their kings cherished libertas and the res publica, came in time to put their faith in the saving grace of their master showmen, the deified emperors. Is it possible that we are doing the same?

For large sectors of the citizenry, it is now the reality [ask ‘Julia’].

-As for the grand myth of Camelot™, Mark Steyn writes:

It’s not so much that the comparison is inapt…but that the national tragedy of a prematurely terminated presidency in the world’s most powerful nation should be symbolized by a musical comedy.

I think it rather fitting when I’m in one of my darkly humorous moods.

The Kennedy Administration was a joke and The Republic was the butt of it.

-After all we have learned in the last fifty years, it still amazes me that people on the Right still fall for the JFK Myth™ [I’m especially disappointed in you Ted Cruz].

As Shermlaw comments over at Protein Wisdom:

Actually, Kennedy was an idea created by the people who voted for him. He was an image without substance upon whom everyone placed his/her individual hopes and dreams. His death was the best thing to happen to him, because his legacy would be far different if he’d served a second term, similar to the first.

-One Final Thought: The life of John Kennedy is truly deserving of the descriptor ‘Tragic’.  Here was a man possessed, not only of an infectious charm, but, also, of an intelligence filled with potential.  He was truly the one good apple in a batch of rotten apples [the ‘sainted’ Rose Kennedy included].  That he choose to reject Good and attach and enslave himself to his Father’s Evil and his own inner demons is the Tragedy Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  1. Paul Patzer permalink
    23 November 2013 @ 09:06 09:06

    While JFK’s foreign policy was ham handed (Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam), he deserves credit for the tax cuts and the space program. Unlike B.O., JFK had a grasp of something.

    • 23 November 2013 @ 12:44 12:44

      Sorry, but JFK was against the manned space program before he was for it. Kennedy only became enthusiastic for it after Gagarin’s orbital flight and after he saw the national reaction to Al Shepard’s suborbital flight (which is to say, he seems to have changed his mind in the span of about a month or so). LBJ, OTOH, had been a staunch supporter of manned space since 1958. Likewise, the Apollo program had been conceived of prior to Kennedy and the Saturn V’s F-1 engine–the one really, really critical component in the whole program–had been designed and begun development in the late ’50s. JFK certainly goosed the program, but LBJ executed it, charming and bullying people to support it all throughout the ’60s. Would Neil Armstrong have walked on the Moon “before the decade [was] out” if JFK had not been assassinated? I say it’s a toss-up.

  2. 23 November 2013 @ 19:23 19:23

    An absolute must read about JFK:

    • 24 November 2013 @ 03:13 03:13

      I meant to link that in my last paragraph – thanks for bringing it up.

      • 24 November 2013 @ 09:14 09:14

        I have read it and it is devastating to the JFK myth held by liberals


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