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On The Maintenance Of Certain Great Principles

19 November 2013 @ 20:22

My current reading includes Russell Kirk’s John Randolph Of Roanoke: A Study In American Politics.

It is a wonderful and short introduction to the great patriot and, if you get the Fourth Edition, it includes a good number of his letters and speeches.

This quote at the start of Chapter Four struck a chord with me this evening:

I have said, on a former occasion, and if I were Philip, I would employ a man to say it every day, that the people of this country, if ever they lose their liberties, will do it by sacrificing some great principle of free government to temporary passion. There are certain great principles, which if they be not held inviolate, at all seasons, our liberty is gone. If we give them up, it is perfectly immaterial what is the character of our Sovereign; whether he be King or President, elective or hereditary it is perfectly immaterial what is his character we shall be slaves it is not an elective government which will preserve us.  [speech before the Congress, 1813]

And we have, gradually, done just that.

Those of The Founding Generation, if placed in America today, would not recognize the nation they created and gifted to us, their Posterity.

In the book, Mr. Kirk offers some commentary after the quote above [formatting and emphasis mine]:

This was Randolph’s exhortation to the nation — commonly an unheeding nation — throughout his fiery career:

a demand for government of law and precedent, not of men and enthusiasm;

for a known and unbending delimitation and balancing of the governing power, not the constitutional construction of opportunism;

for a maintenance of the principles of freedom, whatever their passing inconvenience, and not a grasping at temporary benefits, whatever their ultimate consequence.

Randolph was a strict-constructionist, a state-rights man, a jailer of that necessary evil, government; he fought the Federalists, the imperialists, the latitudinarians, the centralists, the “energymen,” and, if they often forced him to give ground, still he held them back from the keep of his Old Republican castle and maintained the fight until a later generation took up the battle.

We are charged, like John Randolph, with manning the ramparts and continuing the struggle to restore our freedoms and liberties, even if it will be a later generation that tastes victory long after we are dead and buried.

We have no choice in this if we are to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, if we are to be able to look at our loved ones in the eye, if we are to be remembered fondly, if we are to able to stand before The Creator and receive His approving eye.

The national government has been taken over by those who despise and detest everything The United States Of America stands for.  And they are being aided and abetted by those Quislings who, though they do not overtly hate this country, care only to secure their places at the table of power and maintain their perfumed positions in the Society Of The ‘Smart Set’.

The hate-filled usurpers have declared us enemies, terrorists.

In this world turned upside down and run by madmen, we —the normal, the law-abiding, the patriotic — we are the Outlaws.

We should wear that name as a badge of honor — OUTLAWS.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me:
I will not be a slave; I will either Live Free Or Die.

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