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RE: Paul Lemmen And My Critics

14 October 2013 @ 21:58

Some people are upset with me for exposing the fact that the blogger RMNixonDeceased is Paul Lemmen.

I had originally planned to do no more than delete every reference from him from The Camp Of The Saints without direct comment [for reasons I explain below], but, yesterday afternoon, I discovered that he was still leaving comments over at The Other McCain under his false and secretive handle and, at the same time, leaving comments under his real name.

An example from the TOM post entitled, An Interesting Admission: The Lies of Team Kimberlin and ‘The Gaped Crusader’ :


This I believed was a deliberate deception being perpetrated by Lemmen on the readers of The Other McCain, many of whom I consider friends and acquaintances.  Once again, it had been my intention to remain silent on the whole deception that had been perpetrated against me, but, when I saw this man continuing with his deceiving of people I have great respect for, I decided to go public with the information I obtained from two sources, one of which was Lemmen himself.

Now, some people have denounced me for my actions, going so far as to break-off all contact with me.

Here they are in order of their publishing:


I will never publicly “go after” one of you. If I am truly angry at something you have done, I will tell you so privately. Because, I don’t believe in settling internal sqabbles in the town square. In this, I will let those who were actually harmed be the ones to judge.

And one thing should be known. I was shown something from around a week ago. It was Breitbart Unmasked openly threatening Lemmen under his RMNixon persona. In it, he named Paul as RMNixon and threatened to go to his parole officer. Again. Another Kimberlin outing and more threats. How…unexpected.

And now one of you has done Kimberlin’s work for him. This is why I adhere to the 11th. Not because I am a Republican or a Christian. You all know I am neither. But because it is so easy for bad actors to get decent people to cause harm to their own causes. I imagine Kimberlin is laughing his ass off right now about all of this.

Oh, and I can NEVER say this enough….


If BreitbartUnmasked ‘openly’ threatened Lemmen [your words: ‘he named Paul as RMNixon’], how have I ‘done Kimberlin’s work for him’, pray tell?

I fail to see how my revelation aids and abets Team Kimberlin.  You think Rauhauser is not aware of Lemmen’s deceptions?  You don’t believe this paranoid throughly vetted Lemmen before he ‘used’ him?

The exposure of Lemmen and his latest deceptions aids our side in this battle, in my opinion, because it offers evidence that we do not engage in the king of dishonorable behavior that Team Kimberlin does.  If this were not exposed, we would be charged with a cover-up — and the charge would have legitimacy.

Also, think for a moment: if Lemmen will deceive me, will he hesitate to do the same to you?

The whole history of the life of Paul Lemmen is a story of deception, of lies.

He is an admitted military imposter, putting on the uniform of The U.S. Armed Forces — an honor he was not worthy of.

When he burst on the blogging scene under his latest identity as RMNixonDeceased, Lemmen wormed his way into the commentating community over at The Other McCain.  He flattered people like myself and, like the true sociopath he is, he portrayed himself as ‘one of us’, all the time knowing that many of us had either separated ourselves from Paul Lemmon after his actions in 2012 or had taken a wait-and-see-if-he-has-truly-repented attitude towards him.  His actions, knowing full well our feelings were aimed at satisfying some need he has inside of him — a need that only he, in his ill mind, understands.

If either Kimberlin or Rauhauser are laughing their asses off right now (1) they are fools because they will soon meet Justice in the courts of law and (2) it not because of my actions.


Mr. Belvedere – The above is why I have removed your blog from my bookmarks and will be removing your email from contacts. You’ve stepped in a big steaming pile my friend.

No comment.


Same here. That guy reblogged your blog quite a bit. Did you ever ask him not to?

I did not discover the deception until the night of 09 October 2013, when I spoke with the blogger whose name I redacted from the GMail exchange I published over at The Other McCain at a Patterico’s site last evening [FYI: I redacted that blogger’s name because said blogger was part of the deception out of a sense of misguided Christian belief].

After that conversation and the confirmation from Lemmen himself [see below], I contemplated what my public reaction would be.  I decided on Friday Evening to delete, without direct comment, any comment or mention of RMNixonDeceased from The Camp Of The Saints and let the matter end at those actions.

I did this because, though I did not have any details on the subsequent revelations of John Hoge and Stacy McCain, I knew something was up regarding Lemmen and Team Kimberlain.  When those revelations were made shortly thereafter, I still was determined to remain silent.  However, as I explained above, my attitude changed last evening when I discovered that Lemmen was still carrying on his deceptions over at The Other McCain.  I had allowed myself to be fooled; I didn’t want my friends to continue to be lied to.

This is why I took the actions I did.


The G-Mail Exchange:

E-MAIL - RMNixonDeceased is Paul Lemmen-x

  1. Dustin permalink
    15 October 2013 @ 01:37 01:37

    This reminds me of when Glenn Greenwald was commenting under sockpuppets to talk about himself.

    anonymity is fine when there’s no deception in it. I even think it’s something to be protected. But when anonymity is used in a dishonest way, it becomes newsworthy. When the blogger becomes aware of it, it puts him in the position of either cooperating with the fraud by not acting or exposing the fraud in an unfortunate way by ‘outting’ the sock. With Lemmen it sure sounds like the bad guys already knew.

    Hoge appears to have been getting some kind of info from Lemmen and that’s hopeful because I truly do believe in redemption, but beyond that glimmer I feel that this guy has no claim for anyone to permit him to deceive anyone about anything.

  2. 15 October 2013 @ 09:09 09:09

    More annals in the perpetual Blogger Wars.

    I see that bet0001970 says, “Clearly you don’t seem to understand the bigger picture,” to you in the TOM thread. Well, tolerating and rationalizing the kind of deception Lemmen pulled off is the type of bullshit the other guys engage in in the name of “the bigger picture” and is what corrupts them. Lie your ass off about your new healthcare scheme which is going to be massively expensive, coercive, and damage (probably) millions of people’s lives? Well, the scheme is in the interest of the “bigger picture”, so that makes all of the lying and deception perfectly okily dokily, so we’ll cover for you.

    Not cool.

    I never had any problem with Paul–then again, I never interacted with him that much–but I know that I would be a fool to trust someone who has a repeat history of deception, is continually coming back to find redemption and promises that, ah, well, THIS time he really means it. There’s nothing wrong, and probably everything right, with letting everyone know that there’s that kind of wolf in sheep’s clothing in their midst.

    I feel especially bad for Zilla. She believed in him and supported and defended him, and she’s been so sick lately. F*cking tragic.

    • 15 October 2013 @ 19:08 19:08

      Thank you for your comments.

    • 15 October 2013 @ 23:57 23:57

      Thanks, Starless, I am sicker than ever but I have not been harmed by Paul’s issues. I do not share the harsh view of him that many others do but I cannot defend him and he knows this, his actions and their consequences are his alone to deal with.
      The way I see it, people who support Paul knowing what they know are within their full right to do so and are doing nothing wrong. Also, people who are ambiguous to the man are in their full right to be that way, AND people who never trusted him and/or never will are in their full right to do that as well, and people who did not like or trust PL but really liked dead Nixon have every right to be hurt and/or angry and if they have some stuff to say about it then they have every right to do so.
      The truth is out but it was going to come out anyway. Bob did nothing wrong and from what I could gather, Bob did exercise some restraint because he really could have gone off if he had wanted to.
      Bob did not help the bad guys by telling the good guys crap that the bad guys already knew.
      OK, I am going to make one direct comment to Bob on this page and then it’s to bed for me, bbecause I can only do like 1 or 2 things each day and ten am wiped and this is my 2nd thing so time for back to bed.
      But before I go, just an FYI, I Love you guys. XOXO

      • 16 October 2013 @ 08:46 08:46

        I hope you start to feel better soon. We need spitfires like you in the fight to counter-balance old cynics like me.

  3. rosalindj permalink
    15 October 2013 @ 09:44 09:44

    I’m glad you did so, and think you did the right thing. Therightplanet had some damage done to them as well. Toxic doesn’t begin to describe how this perpetrator affects the integrity of whomever gets caught up in his mind games.

  4. M. Thompson permalink
    15 October 2013 @ 14:24 14:24

    Ha’hm. There’s something inherently untrustworthy about a confidence man. Once you know him to be dishonest, there is nothing that will bring him anywhere near a posistion of trust.

    • 15 October 2013 @ 19:11 19:11

      Thank you for your comments, MT. He appears to have some manic desire to engage in such deceptions. He really should seek help…and excuse himself from the company of decent people.

  5. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    15 October 2013 @ 17:37 17:37

    I have never been involved the underlying business, but am distressed at the deception based upon what little I’ve read. Yet another warning to exercise extreme caution in one’s online interactions.

    • 15 October 2013 @ 19:15 19:15

      Indeed. This all could have been avoided if Lemmen had done the decent thing and refrained from blogging / Tweeting / commenting as RMNixon once it was clear to him that his deceptions were about to be exposed by our enemies. If he really was repentant, he would have done the honorable thing at that point.

      • Shermlaw (RS) permalink
        16 October 2013 @ 09:06 09:06

        I’m reminded of a sermon our pastor gave about forgiveness some weeks ago. Obviously, as Christians we are called to do so “seventy times seven,” and those who are distressed with you appear to invoke that rationale for their anger at you. The thing is, sincere forgiveness does not imply a return to the status quo ante. Trust can be lost, perhaps not irretrievably, but for a long, long time. Stated differently, we are called to forgive. We are not called to be saps.

  6. The Rev. David R. Graham permalink
    15 October 2013 @ 20:34 20:34

    Good, thanks for doing this, confirms an intuition I had about that individual – I only knew his nixon alias – from the start of running across him here. The tell I saw was the avatar and the dead bit. The alive don’t go there. Other aliases of his you mention I have seen around the blogosphere in years past and did not know they all belong to him. A cheat and and idler he is.

    So he’s a deceiver. Traditionally that means queer.

    There is only one legitimate use of deception: engaging in warfare. He used deception here, that means he’s at war with here, with TCOTS, TOM, etc. Belvedere is to be thanked for unmasking a concealed weapon.

    Let there be light! I keep having this vision of a continuous barrage of illumination rounds going off in and above D.C. so that someone in position of leadership suddenly sees what’s going on, the clouds of confusion suddenly cut through and their makers stood exposed, and the rats scurry for the rivers, out and away.

    Thanks for light, Belvedere. Life and history are not What, they are Who. Pray God, use illumination rounds! So leaders and we can see to work.

  7. 16 October 2013 @ 00:03 00:03

    I still love you, Bob. I have more to say but my body won’t let e cuz my eyes are swelling shit again. Feel free to call me sometime tomorrow, if you can’t get me at home, try my cell because I have a feeling I may be o a gurney somewhere tomorrow as thins are getting worse and worse here for me medically, but I could not rest w/o making sure you know that I still heart you because you are very dear to me.

  8. 16 October 2013 @ 11:29 11:29

    I never had much issues with Paul when he was Paul Lemmen. I did not agree with all his positions, and I know he had that whole thing going with Ali which I never understood. I liked RMNixon Deceased (I liked him better than R.M. Nixon when he was alive). So I do not see the deception as some sort of fraud (I did not see the avatar R.M. Nixcon do anything I especially disagreed with–and I agreed with most positions he took). I think he was trying to reinvent himself given he burned some bridges as Paul.

    I do not have a problem with that provided it is not done to defraud or intentionally mislead people. As Dustin said above:

    “anonymity is fine when there’s no deception in it. I even think it’s something to be protected. But when anonymity is used in a dishonest way, it becomes newsworthy. When the blogger becomes aware of it, it puts him in the position of either cooperating with the fraud by not acting or exposing the fraud in an unfortunate way by ‘outting’ the sock. With Lemmen it sure sounds like the bad guys already knew.”

    I have great respect for Bob Belvedere, who is a person I admire. Bob did not do anything wrong here. I also have an especially soft spot in my heart for the lovely Zilla, who is currently ailing. I wish her a speedy and full recovery.

    And I hope Paul finds redemption and the right path. I would like to think he is trying to pursue that, despite some serious stumbles in the past. I think anyone can turn their life around, but ultimately it is only that person who can do so.

  9. Never Trust a Conman permalink
    16 October 2013 @ 14:16 14:16

    You were correct to do this. I read about his fraud of collecting money based on a lie that he was a black genius who got sick. He conducted a monetary fraud. He stole money under false pretenses (assuming this story is true). Once a sociopath, always a sociopath. They can’t be fixed. No apology is sincere. It’s simply a tactic. They have no guilt, no shame and no empathy. To believe his apology is part of his setup for the next con. I appreciate the warning. He cannot help himself. He cannot stop. He’s hard wired by genetics to do this.

    • theebl permalink
      16 October 2013 @ 16:05 16:05

      Never Trust A Conman: I am not sure that is the case, but it is certainly wise to be aware of the potential for fraud (hence your handle). That said, I never saw R.M.Nixon R-Deceased ever solicit for any money or contributions. I am only going by what I saw and read and I usually have a pretty good eye for picking out scammers. But hey, I could definitely be wrong.

      Bob only stated what was true. Unless told in confidence (and that was not the case here), the truth is usually the best defense. Even if told in confidence, sometimes you have to disclose for the greater good.

      • Never Trust a Conman permalink
        16 October 2013 @ 21:33 21:33 Go read this story. He is a con.

        • 17 October 2013 @ 02:13 02:13

          I am not sure what that link shows (I think the link has gone stale).

          I know Paul has a bad history. I sure would not trust him with money or recommend other people do so. But I am not sure I would condemn him solely for being caught sock puppetting without more. Bob was right to out it, since it is potentially deceptive. But I did not see con behavior when he was being R.M. Nixon. Maybe it was just an elaborate ploy. I am just not going to condemn him without evidence.

  10. rosalindj permalink
    17 October 2013 @ 09:50 09:50

    “The link has gone stale” – what does that even mean? It’s working. Or are you saying that because the posts are a couple of years old, they are no longer relevant?

    If you are of a mind, take the time to read this:, starting at the third paragraph. If you don’t get it, whatever happens to you as a result is on you.

    Of course, you taking the stance of not condemning him without evidence is fine. I don’t think people are asking for condemnation. It’s more like – beware; there’s a pot hole the size of a delivery van.

    Bob did everyone a favor by outing this latest iteration, because all they guy does is turn up time and again like a bad penny, planting whatever alt identity, growing it, insinuating himself into corners of issues and events, sucking people in before (at the very least) wreaking havoc again by sowing distrust. I think the money is irrelevant to him. It’s the game that seems to really do it for him. “stage 4 pancreatic cancer”. Riiiight.

    • theebl permalink
      17 October 2013 @ 16:45 16:45

      When I clicked on it nothing loaded. That is what I meant the link was stale. It may have been on my end.

      I am aware of Paul Lemmen’s criminal pass. I fully support Bob and have no criticism of him whatsoever. All I am saying is I never saw R.M.Nixon Deceased do anything bad. Please do not read into that anything more than what I am saying. That does not mean Paul could have done bad things in the future or he did bad things I am unaware of, just that I did not see any behavior by under the R.M.Nixon guise that caused me alarm.

      I agree your cautions are warranted. I can understand how a guy like Paul might want to distance himself from his past, but he is hardly Jean Val Jean either.

    • theebl permalink
      17 October 2013 @ 19:07 19:07

      I clicked on it today and the story loaded (I am still not sure why it didn’t load yesterday when I clicked it). Yeah, that is absolutely fraudulent behavior and it is not that long ago either. I agree, the readers need to know this.

      Sorry Paul. I liked what you were doing as R.M.Nixon Deceased.

      • rosalindj permalink
        20 October 2013 @ 22:41 22:41

        Good on you for following through, and not getting offended by my terse tone. The whole thing is so convoluted, it’s easy to get exasperated and somewhat fatigued by the devil in the details.

        • 20 October 2013 @ 23:40 23:40

          No offense taken at all by Evi, I’m sure.

        • 26 October 2013 @ 13:03 13:03

          Of course no offense taken.

          I am still willing to give Paul a chance to prove that he has changed course. But that is going to take a long time of good behavior. But it has to start with full disclosure. Again, he is not Jean Val Jean.

  11. 17 October 2013 @ 15:00 15:00

    Whoa – I can’t believe this whole thing is firing up again. I wasted way too much time on it last go-round and don’t plan on making that mistake again.

    That being said, I figured out who dead nixon was last week when his emails had been popping up in my box for quite awhile and I wondered who the heck it was. I don’t even remember how I made the connection – it may have been his last post at ExConsView – but make it I did.

    About my only interaction with PL was when he jumped in my cornflakes for not having him on my blogroll. Huh? As I recall, I sure wasn’t on his. I can’t imagine emailing someone to complain about not being on a blogroll.


    Bob – I don’t really know what’s going on now since I rarely have time to read Stacy’s combox. I do know this, though. If there’s a problem, I’m on your side FWIW.

    In conclusion: there’s something fundamentally creepy about someone commenting under different names


    how the hell does this guy manage to get so much attention?

    • theebl permalink
      17 October 2013 @ 19:02 19:02

      “…how the hell does this guy manage to get so much attention?”

      Good question!

  12. 22 October 2013 @ 01:46 01:46

    Good to know.

  13. Monkeytoe permalink
    30 July 2015 @ 12:11 12:11

    Paul Lemmen is commenting at various blogs (for instance (,, as “Father Paul Lemmen” (complete with his avatar of a picture of himself in priestly vestments) claiming to be a priest. He is not a priest as the following demonstrates.

    Paul Lemmen claims to be a Syrian Orthodox Priest:

    “I am an ordained Syrian Orthodox Priest. Part of my reformation and redemption. I have accepted assignment to participate in ministry to ex-convicts as my past is an effective testimony to the redemption of Christ. All under the ‘Tent-maker Paul’ tradition, that is, funded through my own earnings and self-supporting. No donations accepted and not incorporated as a charity. My decision on that, I requested same from the Patriarchate and was granted my wish. Reformation of life, a life centered on prayer and service, supported by the work of my hands and the sweat of my brow. A life of service, prayer and penance. I am very happy with what I am able to do to improve the world through my life now, to compensate for my former life.”

    See: – lemmen comment on May 16, 2015 at 09:46.

    —- and—-

    “I was a Christian before. In fact, I was ordained a priest in 1985 but fell away around 2000 or so. My experiences in prison convinced me to re-examine my life and the result of that re-examination of my life led, with fits, starts, stumbles and falls, to my decision to re-engage with the Eastern Orthodox Church. I re-entered Seminary for refresher courses last year and I expect to complete my studies later this year. I have been accepted back into the Church as a priest, albeit as a medically retired one.”

    See: – lemmen comment on feb 28, 2015 at 13:02.

    So, Lemmen is claiming he was an active, working priest between 1985 and 2000 in the Syrian Orthodox Church (was this before or after he was a Franciscan monk, I wonder?). Surely there is some record somewhere that Lemmen can produce of his 15-year stint as an active, working Orthodox Priest (note his linkein profile gives no locations/dates of his working as a priest)

    There appears to be only one Syrian Orthodox Church in the U.S. And they have no record of him being a priest: see (note no listing for Lemmen); (no listing for Lemmen); (no listing for Lemmen); (no Lemmen). The Syrian Orthodox Church in America is a relatively small church – so there is no way they are just “missing” him in their accounting of their priests.

    But wait – there’s more:

    In 2012 Lemmen commented at another blog:

    “Thankfully my confessor does it right, even after my marathon 2 hour confession. My absolution was much more involved than an ordinary one as there were many serious mortal sins involved as well as other “interesting” issues including invalid Holy Orders and invalid consecration to the Orthodox Episcopate. My return to Holy Mother Church and repudiation of these errors was lengthy and involved. Thanks to a very holy and insightful priest I was brought back into the church as a simply member of the laity, absolved of my error and sinful state.”
    (Emphasis added)

    See: and look for comment by Lemmen.

    So, in 2012 he was NOT claiming to be a priest (nor to be attending seminary), and as of August 2014, he was not ordained but WAS allegedly in seminary working toward a degree, but as of July 2015, he claims to have been a Priest for longer than 2 years (and in other comments claimed to have been working as an ordained priest between 1985-2000).
    In a comment at another blog in 2012, he claimed to be a Catholic – not an orthodox, so the conversion to Orthodox and the ordination to an “orthodox priest” must have come after May, 20, 2012:

    “My preference is always an EF High Mass. They are hard to find and as rare as hens teeth. I also attend at the occasional EF Low Mass and the OF Masses that are the most available. Regardless of the Mass type, I follow along as I was taugh as a Capuchin Novice, being prepared for Mass by not only having made an examination of conscience and devout confession, but by also pre-reading the days readings, Gospel, etc. If one is familiar with the Eucharistic prayers, one can determine which one the Priest is using and pray it silently with him. I follow all of the prayers of the Priest and acolytes silently and join my silent prayer with theirs. That is silent participation, being sufficiently educated in the form and function and silently joining your prayers with the Celebrant and other Altar Servers so as to be a full participantg in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. To be less is to be lazy in ones Catholicity, to want shortcuts and offering of excuses to be truly and fully Catholic in joining fully in the liturgical life of the Church. Having been “fallen away” for many years, I started praying the Breviary again a few years ago, to one again immerse my life in the liturgical life of my Church once again. While I am not required to do so by virtue of valid and licit ordination to Holy Orders, there is nothing that I am aware of that prohibits one from this deeper involvement in liturgy and prayer.”

    See: (Lemmen comment at 11:57 a.m.)

    Yet, on April 16, 2012, he claimed not only that he was an Ordained Orthodox Priest, but a “Bishop”: “I am a sinner, a former con-artist, invalid and illicitly ordained Orthodox Deacon, Priest and Bishop as well as having engaged in many other sinful and criminal acts and I have served time in Federal prison.” (Emphasis supplied).

    So, he was a Catholic when he was an ordained Orthodox Bishop.

    Although he says he was “illicitly ordained” – I suppose that is admitting he was never really ordained, which makes his current status mysterious: see: (Lemmen comment at 12:17 a.m.)

    However, that is not all Lemmen claimed or did in 2012. During that time-frame, he was also posing as a black doctor on the website The Right Planet (see

    “Soon after, in the summer of 2011, a new commenter handled ‘PoisonToLibs’ appeared on the FoxNation blog. Sard noticed the ‘PoisonToLibs’ posts as they were well-written, and ‘PoisonToLibs’ claimed to be a black, conservative, multi-millionaire physician. ‘PoisonToLibs’ gave Sard his email address and requested that they start a blog together. ‘PoisonToLibs’ revealed his name to Sard as Willem Van Bever. ‘Willem Van Bever’, despite claiming to be a retired physician, aged 66, was proficient in web design and IT, and the blog was launched, and experienced a successful, brisk build-up in traffic.

    However, the ‘Willem Van Bever’ posts soon became increasingly suspicious. Bizarrely, Van Bever claimed to have invented the over-the-counter medication Imodium, which was really developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium in 1969. Given ‘Van Bever’s’ stated age of 66 in 2011, that would have made Van Bever 24 years old and in his second year of med school at most when he invented the drug Loperamide – in Belgium. He also claimed that he had been called a ‘nigger’ by a parishioner after daily Mass. Remember this, as we’ll come back to making false accusations in a moment. ‘Van Bever’ also provided a reader from Atlanta with a meticulously detailed backstory of his childhood in the Cabbagetown area of Atlanta, complete with a story of witnessing at age 13 the castration and lynching of his 15 year-old cousin as he cowered underneath his grandmother’s porch.

    With Lemmen, it is all about the details. He researches his victims and his cons meticulously, and wins people’s confidence largely by dropping key words, phrases and details in order to appear credible. He researches and learns whatever jargon he needs, and then wields it to engender trust from his victims. This is how he infiltrated the U.S. Military in Iraq. This is how he was able to pass himself off as black retired physician ‘Willem Van Bever’ on And, as we will see, this is how he is now attempting to pass himself off as a devout and pious Catholic, and also as a conservative patriot.

    Finally, in the fall of 2011 ‘Van Bever’ claimed to be dying of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Some RightPlanet readers, crestfallen at the news of ‘Van Bever’s’ illness, began sending him gifts, which ‘Van Bever’ happily accepted. Suspicious, Sard now vetted ‘Willem Van Bever’, albeit belatedly. He could find no record of anyone named Willem Van Bever anywhere in Florida, much less in Van Bever’s claimed residence of St. Petersburg.
    Days later on November 24, 2011, received a $5 donation via PayPal from a ‘Paul Lemmen’ of St. Petersburg. Sard called ‘Willem Van Bever’ and told him that Paul Lemmen, the notorious fraudster, had just made a donation to TheRightPlanet. At this, ‘Van Bever’, who was Lemmen, once again trying to cover and simultaneously escalate the audacity of his latest con, told Sard that Lemmen was his ex-brother-in-law. Van Bever/Lemmen then told Sard that it was simply one of those ‘six degrees of separation things.’

    Beginning to put two and two together, Sard contacted one of his regular readers who had sent gifts to the ‘dying’ ‘Willem Van Bever.’ Sure enough, the gifts were sent, at ‘Van Bever’s’ instructions, ‘to Will, care of B. Lemmen’, at Lemmen’s address as shown on the PayPal donation profile form. The initial ‘B’ stands for Lemmen’s purported wife, Barbara. Horrified, Sard immediately began eliminating and blocking Lemmen from This purging of Lemmen, alias ‘Willem Van Bever’ happened roughly around Christmas of 2011.

    Approximately two weeks later in early January 2012, Lemmen’s latest persona iteration, ‘An Ex-Cons View’ was born.

    Apparently, Lemmen expects the world to believe that in the two weeks between being discovered as a fraud and ejected from blog and launching ‘An Ex-Con’s View’ that he ‘came to Jesus’ and is now a contrite, repentant, straight arrow who is now being targeted by SWATters, oh, and is also descending into renal failure, but is conveniently ‘improving a little bit in some areas.’ That’s always how it is with the con-artist playing the ‘I’m dying’ ruse. They have one foot in the grave, but are ‘doing better’, which is a narrative that allows them to string the con out for an indefinite period of time.
    Oh, but there is more. Here is the little nugget that, in my estimation, is the working definition of ‘hoisting yourself with your own petard.’

    Lemmen, trying to pick up lingo and jargon and become passable in conversation about Christianity, and specifically Catholicism, in order to con Christians into his scam, has begun lurking and commenting on Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s excellent blog, . As an example, Lemmen has picked up Fr. Z.’s oft-used phrase ‘Nota Bene’, which is Latin and Italian for ‘Note well, ‘ or ‘pay attention.’ Is that a sin? No, it isn’t. We all pick up words and phrases that we like and integrate them into our daily vernacular. But, most of us aren’t sociopathic con artists, either. Lemmen’s posts on are utterly transparent in their attempts to sound bona fide, but are utterly textbookish. I love how he claimed to have started praying the Breviary, which is quite time-consuming, ‘a few years ago’, er while he was in prison working at hard labor while morbidly ill? And, presumably he was likewise devoutly praying the Breviary all the while he was impersonating a black doctor dying of stage IV pancreatic cancer over on just last year? Apparently it wasn’t sinking in very well. Here is a link to that specific comment:”

    Needless to say, Lemmen was kicked off The Right Planet due to his lies and fraud.
    In 2014, at the Other McCain blog, in August, he posted a comment stating: “It isn’t BS. I am a Seminarian, enrolled in a degree program pursuing a degree in Theology with a major in Christian Social Work. Scoff all you want. Go as Bill Schmalfeldt, who attempted to attack me through the Seminary. He got back a very polite yet stinging reply. Of course, this was after I authorized them to release the information without even knowing who was attacking or what exactly was said.” See here and look for comment by Lemmen:

    On his own blog he states he is a: “Former Criminal, former Capuchin Franciscan brother, former Orthodox Priest. In the process of redemption (a life-long process). Seminarian pursuing a degree in Theology with a major in Christian Social Work.” See:

    Of course, if you contact the Capuchin’s, they have never heard of him. Go here and contact them for yourselves:

    Regardless, according to him, he “was” an “orthodox priest” after having been a Roman Catholic Franciscan – all without ever attended Seminary, but was currently attending seminary as of 2014. Note that at that time he did not claim to be a priest yet. The first time he appears to identify himself as “father” on the Hogewash and other anti-kimberlin blogs appears to be March 2, 2015 – see:

    He never mentions graduating from Seminary or being ordained in his own blogs or comments at any other blog. He just changed his username to “father” instead of just Paul H. Lemmen. One would think he would mention such a momentous occasion or explain the change in his username from “Paul H. Lemmen” to “Father Paul H. Lemmen” – but no such luck.

    So, he never went to Seminary until his claim that he was attending in 2014 – meaning the earliest he could have started is around 2013. Seminary is 3 years. The earliest he could graduate is 2016. So, by his own timeline, the earliest he could be ordained is 2016, or giving him every benefit of the doubt, late 2015.

    He was allegedly a Catholic as of 2012, but was previously “illicitly” Ordained as an Orthodox priest and bishop, after having been a Franciscan friar (this must be in-between all his admitted con-man activity). He somehow becomes “Ordained” again – even though the first alleged time was “illicit”, without graduating from any seminary, in or around March of 2013, with no notice to anyone that he became ordained, simply changing his online username.

    He also mentions nowhere anything about graduating from the unnamed seminary he was allegedly attending in 2014.

    Not related to being a priest but showing Lemmen is still lying about everything, at another blog, on February 12, 2014, he again claimed to be terminally ill and in hospice in 2014 and would have to stop commenting due to the illness:

    He’s been playing the “terminally ill” card since at least as early as 2012, when he was kicked off Right Wing Planet and Three Percenter sites after they determined him to be a fraud.

    • 30 July 2015 @ 20:08 20:08

      A great job. Damn well done.

      Sadly, many of my Friends In The Ether continue to believe this mentally ill sociopath and fraud. As I wrote in the post above: ‘…if Lemmen will deceive me, will he hesitate to do the same to you?’

      I stopped any commenting on this sorry excuse for a man with this post.

      However, I appreciate greatly the work you’ve done and intend to cite it if ever I am bothered by him again or by others who refuse to see this vile little shit for what he is.


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