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Saturday Night’s Alright For Fisking Says @RSMcCain

28 September 2013 @ 16:45

And Stacy McCain is just the man to do it.

Over at TOM, he delivers a righteous Fisking to James Fallows*, a man-child who possesses a decidely unfallow field in the decrepit farmland that is his brain.

A highlight of Stacy delivering a rhetorical blow of the 2×4 of Right Reason to this dim bulb:

Democrats know damned well that the kind of tax increases necessary to generate another $1 trillion a year in federal revenue would strangle the U.S. economy and generate a political backlash. Therefore, Democrats like James Fallows deceptively claim that it is opposition to their policies — and not the policies themselves — which are the cause of our nation’s fiscal problem, and to silence all who speak out against Democrat policies by labeling opponents as “radical” and “dangerous” extremists.

James Fallows (Harvard ’70) is a fool whose only purpose in life is to support the endless errors of the Democrat Party, and to whom truth is always subordinate to partisan interest….

Do take the time to click here and enjoy the rest.

There’s nothing like a good Fisking before you party-down on a Sat’day Night — am I right, brothers and sisters!

* According to my copy of The Oxgored Book
of English Word Origins, ‘fallows’ is from the
old Gaylic word meaning ‘one who has a head
shaped like a gangrenous, cheese-encrusted dick’
[I just grossed myself out with that one].

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    28 September 2013 @ 17:34 17:34

    He deserves this treatment.

  2. 28 September 2013 @ 21:14 21:14

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.


  1. James Fallows, Eminent Fool, and the Surprising Vindication of John C. Calhoun : The Other McCain

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