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More Bang For The Buck: Two Jihadists, One Bullet [UPDATED x 2]

28 September 2013 @ 16:28

Pat Dollard has posted the video [tip of the fedora to Donald Douglas].

It shows a Jihadist Syrian and one of his comrades being felled by a single bullet.

WARNING: This is quite graphic and not recommend for women and nervous persons…

Click here

I can’t get the damn thing to embed, besides, it gives you an excuse to explore Pat’s site.

Maybe I’m becoming a hard-hearted bastard in my old age — more Old Testament rather than New — but I enjoyed this.

UPDATE at 1651…

Who knew Stacy McCain speaks Dutch! — that’s a treat.

UPDATE on 29SEP2013 at 1749…

-One of Stacy’s commentators, Dungeonmaster Jim comes up with a remark that summarizes these Jihadists, succinctly and accurately:


  1. M. Thompson permalink
    28 September 2013 @ 16:31 16:31

    Good riddance.


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