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Getting Syriaous: @K_Bob Has The Perfect Solution

30 August 2013 @ 20:35

So…no one wants to play War with Little Barry, but he’s gonna ignore his ‘friends’ and play anyways, ’cause they’re just being stupid stupid-heads.

Normal Americans don’t think we should get involved in the Muslim-on-Muslim conflict in Syria, but Barry is stamping his feet, so it appears something is going to happen — and it ain’t going to be good for us or Israel.

What to do…what to do?

I mean, we’re stuck with faculty lounge smelling amateurs running our foreign policy and our military — what can be done to save us from the consequences of the rank stupidity of the Obama-Axelrod-Jarrett Numb Nuts Club?

Methinks my Friend In The Ether, K-Bob, has the perfect solution…

From the Comments section of a Stacy McCain post on the ‘Are-You-Syriaous?’ situation, K-Bob proposes:

You twitter folks should start a new thing up telling the Joint Chiefs that they should just tell barack they launched missiles and really blew sh*t up.

He never comes to briefings anyway, so he’ll totally buy it.  Then when he makes his big speech, the press will totally buy it, because they get barack directly through leeching onto his polyps.

Then the left will buy it because they are beyond gullible.

It’s easy.  Just like school, “Yes, I did read chapter seven last night on Heteronormative Mano-eroticism of the Misunderstood Criminal Class. I found it very informative.”

Attention, U.S. Military, Attention: The ball is in your court [don’t forget to show Chucky ‘No Joooz’ Hagel a fake PowerPoint presentation first — and make sure to serve cocktails].  Commence lying; lie at will.

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  1. M. Thompson permalink
    30 August 2013 @ 22:42 22:42

    There’s nothing worth the blood of Americans there. Let the sides kill each other.

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