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The Depravity Of The West – Part DCLXVI

14 August 2013 @ 20:09

Over at his place, much admired blogger David Thompson analyzes and comments on a recent column by Socialist Owen Hatherley in The Guardian, who is a perfect example of how the modern-day Western Leftist thinks [and I used that last term very loosely, like Sandra Fluke uses her slutty/skanky who-who].

It is a perceptive post and well worth the read.

This paragraph especially struck me [tip of the fedora to Jeff Goldstein]:

Mr Hatherley previously enlightened us with his belief that making vaguely alternative pop music is all but impossible without an Arts Council grant, a subsidised spell at art school and a bohemian squat. And so leftwing musicians must be subsidised by the taxpayer until they become sufficiently “class conscious.” Our self-described Marxist also wants us to share a toilet and kitchen with people we may not like, and thereby “look beyond our obsession with private space.” Wanting your own living space, a little freedom from the tribe, is apparently an obsession, i.e., something bad and unhealthy. Rather than, say, a sign of not being a student or a hippie. Communes are a good thing and “increasingly sensible,” according to Mr Hatherley, while “insularity” – which is to say, privacy and individual territory– is not. “Other ways of living are possible,” says he, though he doesn’t disclose whether this morally improving arrangement is good enough for him.

Here is The New Socialist Man Of The West in all his rancid, degenerate, pitiable, and pathetic glory!

For this paragon of turpitude fears not to carry the Leftist Ideology to it’s logical ends.  He advocates sharing our toilets now, but you know it is just a matter of time before he damns the walls that surround his collectively allotted toilet to Reactionary Hell and calls for all of us to gather in communal crappers, where, hopefully, we, having eliminated ‘our obsession with private space’ will discuss the oppression of, oh I don’t know, the ‘Heteronormative Patriarchy’ as we defecate into troughs that run into our organic Revolutionary Gardens, where our liberated, collectivist shit will fertilize the soy plants that will be our main source of sustenance in the grandly poxy and dreary Utopia that we will inhabit after the Eschaton has been Immanentized good and hard, like the falsely conscious bitch she is.*

That this worm Hatherley is taken seriously by a decent number of people is a testament to how depraved The West has become.

Could This Be One Explanation?

If we were still a sane Civilization, Hatherley would be roaming the halls of Bedlam in a straightjacket with no hope of ever being released into Society.

That West of ours having become a buffoon, its final tragedy could well be a joke.

—Jean Dutour

*Now…that was a sentence worthy of Jeff Goldstein, I tell you boy.

  1. R. Sherman (RS) permalink
    14 August 2013 @ 20:40 20:40

    As I said at David’s on Monday, the next battle is eliminating all first person pronouns, because they exemplify the pinnacle of private property: the self. It’s a paradox, I concede given that your typical Progressive is usually a malignant Narcissist. The Left’s love affair with the self exists only when the self is oppressed or when one wishes to send pornographic selfies to coeds. Everything else us the collective’s both successes and, if you’re in the wrong collective, one’s sins, as well.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    14 August 2013 @ 20:58 20:58

    Yet another idiotically Procrustean solution.

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