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‘We Live In A Lawless, Post-Constitutional Period’

05 August 2013 @ 21:10

As we get word of another instance where the Obama Regime has flaunted another law [Obamacare, again], Jeff Goldstein is inspired to succinctly sum-up the current state of The United States:

…we live in a lawless, post-constitutional period where imperial fiat — be it declaring who must obey the law and who is exempt, or who must be subsidized and who must pay for those subsidies — is the effective law, regardless of the text of the law as written and passed.

Regular Protein Wisdom commentator Sdferr remarks:

Once the sovereignty of the people has been mooted (and it has been, fully, with no need that another single act should have to take place), with it goes the contract obliging any such payment to servants who are in point of fact no longer servants, but masters. As this situation dawns on the slower among us, look for more frequent tax strikes to come to pass. The bulk of the suckers will catch on eventually.

One would hope, but, as in the War For Independence, I fear it will not turn out that way.  A determined and small group will be burdened with taking the necessary actions to rectify the situation.  If we are lucky, our numbers will equal one-third of the population — if Fortune favors us, as it did The Founders.

As sovereignty rests with the citizens of The United States and the national government has grossly violated it’s obligations under The Constitution which we, the Sovereign People, put in place as the supreme law of the land, we are no longer under any obligation to obey or cooperate with the national government in it’s lawlessness or acquiesce to it’s demands.

Our only obligations are to The Constitution and to God.

We are free, at this point, to disobey any of the ‘laws’ and regulations and Executive Orders and rulings the national government has issued, or will issue in the future, with a clear conscience.

We are only enslaved if we allow ourselves to be so chained.

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    06 August 2013 @ 15:42 15:42

    A long train of abuses is becoming self evident.

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