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On Weiner-Grate And The Submerged Oldsmobile Standard

26 July 2013 @ 20:10

Scratch a Leftist Democrat [but, I repeat myself] and — besides risking getting a virulent STD if any of the blood gets on you — you’ll find a mutated sub-layer of skin.

A highlight from Stacy McCain’s latest article over at The American Spectator:

…The fundamental falsehood of the whole Big Lie business is that Democrats are virtuous simply because they are Democrats, which is the only reason any fool ever could have thought a wretched human stain like Anthony Weiner worthy of admiration. A shrewd observer will notice an interesting aspect of how the media covers political scandals: When a Republican is caught in corruption or immorality, the individual’s disgrace is invariably depicted as reflecting poorly on the GOP as a whole. Yet when Democrats are caught in scandals, their wrongdoing is made to seem anomalous, in no way disgracing the party or its political agenda. In fact, the liberal glory of the Democrat Party adds nobility to its scandal-tainted members, so that Bill Clinton is still deemed praiseworthy — a beloved elder statesman — for no reason except being a Democrat. When the most reprehensibly loathsome Democrat dies, the dead politician is universally celebrated as a saint by the “mainstream” media, simply because he was a Democrat (and never mind that poor campaign aide who died in a submerged Oldsmobile).

Liars, cheats, and perverts are drawn to the Democrat Party for this very reason. Get elected to office with a “D” beside your name, and reporters won’t say a word about your notorious corruption or moral depravity. Anthony Weiner was always a despicable creep, but because he was a loudmouthed liberal, he was praised as a courageous hero by the media. When Weiner was driven out of Congress by his 2011 scandal, liberal journalists mourned his fall as a lamentable misfortune for a promising politician and, well, wasn’t it just awful for his brilliant and beautiful wife? So the media establishment then lent its enthusiastic assistance to Weiner’s rehabilitation and you could tell they were excited by the prospect of his election as mayor of New York — the courageous crusader’s comeback! Alas, it was revealed that this inspiring tale of redemption was just another liberal lie. Everyone pretended to be shocked that Weiner thought he could get away with doing the same thing he’d done before, but why should he have thought otherwise, when the media seemed so willing to believe whatever lies he told them?

Weiner is a mendacious pervert, and his wife was never as smart or as beautiful as the liberal press would have had us believe. This latest Democrat disgrace is as much as a scandal for Weiner’s media enablers as it is for Weiner himself. Just as the New York Times won’t admit that the late Andrew Breitbart has been vindicated…neither will they confess their own lack of credibility. But you can never accuse liberals of having no standards, because they have exactly two: One for them, and one for everybody else.

Will no one rid us of these troublesome pipsqueaks?

Three pea-heads in a perverse pod.

Three pea-heads in a perverse pod.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    26 July 2013 @ 20:57 20:57

    There’s no good reason to trust the empty-suit in chief.

  2. 27 July 2013 @ 17:50 17:50

    Hey Bob! Hope all is well with you and yours. Stopping by to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award —


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