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Trayvon Soetero / Barack Martin

20 July 2013 @ 16:07

When Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said this could’ve been my son. Another way of saying that is, a Trayvon Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago….

Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar, former leader of The Choom Gang

So…Barry thinks that one score and fifteen years ago he could have found himself in a similar situation as Trayvon Martin — that is: dead after battering an innocent man after picking up ingredients to make a home-made drug concoction.

Obama-Throws-Baseball-Girl-225Over at Protein Wisdom, Squid utterly destroys Obama’s wistful ponderous ponderings:

I’ve seen Obama throw a ball, ride a bike, and try to bowl.  I can guaran-fuckin-tee you that if he’d jumped a Neighborhood Watch guy 35 years ago, the dude would have been so busy laughing his ass off that he wouldn’t have been able to draw a weapon.

So would we all.

In related news, Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon reporting, we learn:

Iran’s foreign ministry on Friday criticized the acquittal of George Zimmerman and chastised the United States for widespread “racial discrimination.”

“The acquittal of the murderer of the teenage African American once again clearly demonstrated the unwritten, but systematic racial discrimination against racial, religious, and ethnic minorities in the US society,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi was quoted as saying by Iran’s state run Fars News Agency.

“The court ruling has also seriously put under question the fairness of the judicial process in the United States,” Fars reported Araqchi as saying.

Iranian officials said that Zimmerman’s trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin should have been conducted in a more “accurate and fair” manner.

“Several months on since a probe was launched [into the murder], the public opinion in the U.S. and across the world expect transparency, an accurate and fair judicial investigation into the case, with due regard to human rights principles for American citizens and a ban on discrimination against minorities in the country,” Araqchi said.

Hmmm…sounds like Iran and the Obama Regime are operating off the same talking points memo — not surprising if you think about it.


  1. M. Thompson permalink
    20 July 2013 @ 18:11 18:11

    We have failed Dr. Franklin recently, but for the future, we must keep going.

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