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But Did The Fool Cry As He Said It?

17 July 2013 @ 19:28

From Politicalticker via Hot Air, Deirdre Walsh reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Mark Levin]:

Cryin-John-Boehner-100After dodging the issue for months, House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday took a position on citizenship for undocumented immigrants, saying Congress must deal with the children of those who are in the United States illegally.

“This is about basic fairness. These children were brought here on no accord of their own. And frankly, they are in a very difficult position. And I think many of our members believe that this issue needs to be addressed,” Boehner said at the weekly press conference with House GOP leaders.

Pardon my French, but: what a fucking joke he is.

Of course, in the Senate the Republican Leadership are just as bad* [another tip of the fedora to The Great One]:

Mitch-McConnell-Old-Maid-01-108For almost two years, Senate Republicans have insisted they would block anyone from being confirmed as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without major changes in how the agency conducts its business.

On Tuesday, Republicans relented and agreed to allow Richard Cordray to be confirmed as the bureau’s leader. The vote was 66-34.

And in the end, what do Republicans have to show for their two-year fight? Pretty close to nothing…

Way to go [pardon again, ladies] arseholes.

Final word to Mr. Levin:

These Republicans really suck

*WARNING: Link takes you to a candy-arsed,
rump-swab site, Politico.

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    18 July 2013 @ 16:55 16:55

    “these republicans really suck”, yep…they were on the nipple way, way too long.


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