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One Unlucky Bastard

14 July 2013 @ 17:24

The poor bastard…what a way to go…

From The London Daily Telegraph, Matt Roper reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to the Drudge Report]:

A Brazilian man died after a cow fell through his roof on top of him as he was in bed.

Joao Maria de Souza, 45, had been in bed with his wife Leni when the animal fell through the ceiling of their home in Caratinga, southeast Brazil.

The cow is believed to have escaped from a nearby farm and climbed onto the roof of the couple’s house, which backs onto a steep hill on Wednesday night.

The corrugated roof immediately gave way and the one-and-a-half-ton animal fell eight feet onto Mr de Souza’s side of the bed.

His wife, and the cow, both reportedly escaped unharmed.

When the logic proclaimed in Justice Anthony Kennedy’s ‘gay marriage’ case is taken to it’s logical end in a few years, the widow and the cow will be able to ‘marry’.

Which raises the question: is Investigative Discovery looking into this case???

  1. 14 July 2013 @ 17:31 17:31

    I once had to sit through an entire Justine Bieber concert with my pre-teen daughter. At least this guys troubles are over…. I still have to live with this horror every day.

  2. M. Thompson permalink
    14 July 2013 @ 17:37 17:37

    Give the family a side of beef each year for a few years.

    Also, what does Evi think of all this?

  3. Rich Fader permalink
    14 July 2013 @ 17:54 17:54


  4. 14 July 2013 @ 18:36 18:36

    Sure. Just a “freak accident”.

    My first question would be: is there an insurance policy from which the wife will benefit? I think we have to consider the possibility – indeed, the likelihood – that this was a hit-cow.

  5. 14 July 2013 @ 20:14 20:14

    I’m glad to see you managed to wake up. I was beginning to worry we might have to send someone up to wake you and tell you the conference was over.


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