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Day Of The Leftists

30 June 2013 @ 17:38

In the Comments section of a brilliant essay by Stacy McCain, entitled Evanescent Youth, Predatory Persistence,[which I hope to comment upon in a future post, interferences from RealWorld™ permitting], reader RS remarks:

Society has lost all manner of adult decorum because it has elevated “youth” to the be-all and end-all of ideal human existence. No more are older people respected or celebrated for their age, wisdom and experience. Instead, society judges them based on whether their external appearance approaches some fanciful “90210” archetype. Of course, then society wrings its hands when disturbed people pursue this elixir of “forever 17” in the form of liaisons with ever younger romantic partners, in addition to the what’s available in the beauty aisle at Wal-Mart.


Valerie Jarrett & David Axelrod strolling in The White House Garden.

This is as the Left wants it and has been their strategy for a century, at least.

People who refuse to grow up, to accept adult responsibilities, and who reject the hard-won wisdom of their elders are easier to mentally manipulate.  The Leftist Masterminds understand this and so they do everything in their power to encourage adults to be like this and they seek — quite successfully — to have laws passed which will make it easier for adults to remain as children of the lesser Leftist god.

Think of the Left as a Triffid: it unleashes it’s venom on the mind and kills it, then waits for it to rot before it eats it.

  1. 30 June 2013 @ 18:31 18:31

    Great likeness of those two spawns of the devil.

  2. 01 July 2013 @ 16:21 16:21

    Older people will now have death panels to decide their future. My daughter-in-law is from Spain. I think that older people are still revered and respected there.

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