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Of Bert And Ernie And Funhouse Mirrors Of The Culture Of Death

29 June 2013 @ 16:35

WARNING: What follows should not be read and seen by children.

As you probably have heard or seen, The New Yorker has put on it’s latest cover an illustration of the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie on a couch in a lover’s cuddle, watching TV.  Here it is [courtesy of Darleen Click]:


As Darleen comments:

Bert & Ernie are iconic figures for children, showing a long and abiding friendship between two people who are very different. Friendships matter and we can all find ways of caring for people who are not just like us.

And The New Yorker crudely murders it all with the crude, smutty snickering that they weren’t just buddies, but fuck-buddies all along.

In the Comments section, Friend In The Ether Serr8d remarks:

Actually, I like the New Yorker cover illustration. I’ve always seen gay lovers as a bit unreal and almost cartoonish, and still I’m convinced that ‘gay marriage’ is but an attack on one of the necessary foundational pillars of a strong, moral society. This cover affirms that just a bit.

While I agree with Serr8d’s sentiment, I despise this cover because children will end up seeing it.  And they are living in a confused-enough Society right now, what with the Left’s takeover, corrupting, and falsification of all of it’s areas.

Our children don’t need one more view from the funhouse mirror to further exacerbate the Chaos that already envelopes them and draws them into the Living Hell that is depravity of the Soul.

This cover is insidious and monstrous.

But it is just another display stall in The Atrocity Exhibition…

  1. 30 June 2013 @ 08:24 08:24

    This just demonstrates how humorless Liberals really are. They are supposed to own the market on comedy (Jon Stewart, amirite?), yet they have, in one illustration, managed to make all “long time companion” jokes about Bert and Ernie unfunny. Is it not a rite of passage for kids (at least boys) to go from seeing Bert and Ernie as just pals during kidhood to making snickering innuendos about their relationship during adolescence? Now Liberals want to sacrifice even that time honored tradition on the alter of their everything-gay-all-the-time propaganda machine.

    The cover isn’t even particularly skilful art. I mean, c’mon! If nothing else, if you’re going to show Bert and Ernie watching the Supreme Court, at least take the time to create a Muppet Supreme Court (Sam the Eagle, Statler and Waldorf, Gonzo…). As it is, what this New Yorker “artist” has managed to produce is just an okay PShop.


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