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Converting To Islam Is The New Black?

17 June 2013 @ 20:26

Or at least it will be in a few years hence.

From Mark Steyn:

Four years ago in this space, I was anticipating an increase in Islamic-conversion rates in the likes of Amsterdam and Rotterdam:

Let’s say you work in an office in those cities: One day they install a Muslim prayer room, and a few folks head off at the designated time, while the rest of you get on with what passes for work in the EU. A couple of years go by, and it’s now a few more folks scooting off to the prayer room. Then it’s a majority. And the ones who don’t are beginning to feel a bit awkward about being left behind.

What do you do? The future showed up a lot sooner than you thought. If you were a fundamentalist Christian like those wackjob Yanks, signing on to Islam might cause you some discomfort. But, if you’re the average post-Christian Eurosecularist, what’s the big deal? Who wants to be the last guy sitting in the office sharpening his pencil during morning prayers?

Funny how quickly it all happened. There was the woman on reception, but she retired. And the guy in personnel who used to say, sotto voce, that Geert Wilders had a point. But he emigrated the year after Wilders did.

I didn’t know the half of it. The other day, Arnoud van Doorn, the producer of Wilders’s anti-Islamic film Fitna, announced that he’d converted to Islam — or “accepted Islam,” as they say — and made a pilgrimage to Medina to repent and ask for Allah’s forgiveness. There’s a lot of it about. Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted. So has Gitmo guard Terry Holdbrooks, who was touched by the way the detainees “wake up each day and smile,” and Katherine Russell, the “all-American girl” from Rhode Island who married Tamerlan Tsarnaev and whose parents were “very supportive” of their daughter’s decision to “accept Islam” and retreat beneath the veil and stayed “very supportive” right up until their son-in-law blew up the Boston Marathon. The two men who butchered Royal Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of London were also converts, British-born sons of Nigerian Christians.

Four years ago, in 2009, I predicted:

…Converting to Islam will become the chic thing to do amongst the Beautiful people.*

Conversion to Islam becoming the ‘in thing’ may come about a lot faster than either Mark Steyn or I thought it would.

That West of ours having become a buffoon, its final tragedy could well be a joke.

—Jean Dutour

Could This Be One Explanation?

*Old TCOTS site on 01OCT at 1843, now taken down,
post title: Don’t Be Surprised….  See also here.

  1. 17 June 2013 @ 22:31 22:31

    The ultimate in dhimmitude.

    Used to be fashionable to be Christian, although many who claimed it had utterly no idea what that meant. It is rapidly becoming socially unacceptable, and soon it will become dangerous to be known as a Christian. Pre-Constantinian times are returning. Only the persecutors won’t be Romans this time.

  2. 18 June 2013 @ 11:58 11:58

    …Converting to Islam will become the chic thing to do amongst the Beautiful people.*

    But, but, but… can they reconcile libertine summers on Ibiza and all that THAT means with Sharia and the five pillars? Can one just be a Muslim for part of the year? That would be so KEWL!

  3. Rich Fader permalink
    19 June 2013 @ 00:28 00:28

    What happens on Ibiza *stays* on Ibiza.

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