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Big Brother Is The Big Cheese

17 June 2013 @ 10:42

From The Local, via Katherine Mangu-Ward via Mary Katharine Ham, via Mark Steyn, we learn:

Around 40 protesters took to the streets of New York on Saturday to demonstrate against a US ban on mimolette that has angered lovers of the distinctive French cheese.

Since March, several hundred pounds of the bright orange cheese have been held up by US customs because of a warning by the Food and Drug Administration that it contained microscopic cheese mites.

The mites are a critical part of the process to produce mimolette, giving it its distinctive grayish crust.

Mr. Steyn comments:

This rang a wearily familiar bell with me. From my book America Alone, page 182:

In America, unpasteurized un-aged raw cheese that would be standard in any Continental fromagerie is banned. Americans, so zealous in defense of their liberties when it comes to guns, are happy to roll over for the nanny state when it comes to the cheese board . . . The French may be surrender monkeys on the battlefield, but they don’t throw their hands up and flee in terror just because the Brie’s a bit ripe. It’s the Americans who are the cheese-surrendering eating-monkeys — who insist, oh, no, the only way to deal with this sliver of Roquefort is to set up a rigorous ongoing Hans Blix-type inspections regime.

Has the FDA with its insistence on over-processed, homogenized, one-size-fits-all food done anything for the health of the American people? Well, you can’t help noticing the one size is now the largest in the developed world. But let’s stick to principles here:

The federalization of food may seem peripheral to national security issues, and the taste of American milk – compared with its French or English or even Québécois equivalents – may seem a small loss. But take almost any area of American life: what’s the more common approach nowadays? The excessive government regulation exemplified by American cheese or the spirit of self-reliance embodied in the Second Amendment? On a whole raft of issues from health care to education the United States is trending in an alarmingly fromage-like direction.

From the cheese board to the data bank to the death panel is a shorter journey than you’d imagine….


It is all part of the Leftist strategy to control every aspect of our lives via our own Free Will.

The most subtle example I’m hearing these days is on the radio and in broadcasts via such apps as I Heart Radio, where it’s very hard to avoid PSA’s that offer advice on everyday, mundane, small health issues like not leaving food out for too long. You’ve heard them; they always end with ‘sponsored by the AdCouncil and the Department of Health And Human Services’ — you know, the empire of Czarina Katherine Sibelius.

It is a slow process, this government dependency thing, but it is always successful.

Like The Big Lie, if you offer the advice enough times, people will start to accept it’s legitimacy and take it and then start to rely on entities like HHS for such information exclusively.

What the Left is implementing is nothing more than a strategy of re-engineering.

The Left are usually patient, very willing to wait for their victories.

It is imperative that we stay always impatient and always vigilant.

Leftism Delenda Est!


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