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‘Prepare For A Bitter Harvest. Winter Has Come At Last’

15 June 2013 @ 14:48

As you may have heard, CBS has confirmed that the home computer system of reporter Sharyl Attkisson was hacked and information taken.  It occurred during late 2012, when she was in the midst of a deep investigation into the events surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack of 11 September 2012.

There’s been much commentary and analysis on this and I was prepared to add my nuts to the bowl, as it were, but Dan Collins said everything I would have said [and said it better] in a post this morning.

I highly recommend it, so please do take the time to click here and read it all.

A highlight:

I could go on and on building the case about the asymmetry of the administration’s view of information—how they refuse to disgorge their own, even under subpoena, but how they have illegally employed the IRS and other agencies to abuse other people’s information—but you already know the score. The White House and DoJ have done some public hand-wringing, for the rubes, over the ‘chilling effect’ that their actions might have on journalism, but any chilling effect works to their advantage, and they know it. They don’t like whistleblowers, and they don’t mind having created a situation in which sources refuse to speak to journalists over the telephone, or in emails, and now that they have them identified, they won’t have any qualms using NSA metadata to keep an eye on suspects. If you’re going to drop a dime on executive branch wrongdoing, you’re now compelled to meet physically with reporters, having removed the battery from your phone, with hard copies of whatever supporting documents you might care to bring along, and to take all the other precautions utilized by spies.

One Quibble, Dano: It’s now gone beyond ‘chilling’ to ‘freezing’.

OFA Employee Of The Month?

OFA Employee Of The Month?

Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze.
Learn it well. For it’s the chilling sound of your doom.

  1. theebl permalink
    15 June 2013 @ 18:09 18:09

    Reminded me of this too: “Fish, Plankton, Sea Greens, and Protein from the Sea…”

  2. 16 June 2013 @ 18:22 18:22

    CBS, and the rest of the Zombie media have my contempt. Pity is not even close to being part of this equation. They supported Zer0 and they can rot in the prison they helped build.


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