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The Last Days Of Sodom, Er, The GOP

14 June 2013 @ 09:08

In the Comments section of a post by Stacy McCain on The Gang Of Eight Liars, Freddy The Fixer comments:

Who is advising [the GOP]? They must have democrat operatives planted as advisers and pollsters telling them this is fine and dandy. No way they come to their decision without a barrel full of lies being spoon-fed to them.

If that were true, there would be some hope of taking the GOP back — we could investigate and expose the agent provocateurs — but the sad truth is: they’re getting their advice from fellow Republicans.

The leaders of the Republican Party have allied with the leaders of the Democratic Party because they have decided that they would rather be members of the Ruling Class than be Patriots [yeah, I said it].

Like the Whig Party in the 1850’s, the Republican Party should, by rights, fade away because it doesn’t deserve to live.

It is only we conservatives, small ‘l’ libertarians, and Classical Liberals who, by staying with the GOP, are allowing it to remain a legitimate party.

The fault, dear Right Wingers, is not in our elephants, but in ourselves.

If we refuse to support any Republican candidates or initiatives and strike out on our own, the whole structure of the Party will collapse.



[Speaking of Sodom: this]

  1. 14 June 2013 @ 15:32 15:32

    Unfortunately the Grand Old Stupid Party is here to stay….as long as the government controls the ballots.

  2. 14 June 2013 @ 21:13 21:13

    Personally, I’ve voted for a Pubbie for the last time.Romney was it. I held my nose and voted because I said I would, but I leave such temporizing to people like Adjoran in the future.

    It’s long past time to form a conservative party. It will be a small one at first, but I think it would have potential, unless things are too far gone to pull them out before it burns down around our ears. If I had to bet, I would choose the latter.

  3. 18 June 2013 @ 19:23 19:23

    Just read Play to Pay Illinois blog. They describe “the combine,” not a farm implement, but what happens when both parties act like they’re connected. The phenomenon may be becoming national.


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