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The Spirit Of The Raygun

05 June 2013 @ 08:56

This is just a thought I had this morning while reading the commentary of Stacy McCain’s post: Damn You, Josh Barro!

Commentator Beaglescout remarked:

People don’t get turned off by blatant partisanship. They get turned off by candidates who stand for nothing, or who keep emphasizing how they are exactly like their opponent only a little more… something else. Why would anyone vote for a Republican who was exactly like a Democrat when they can get the whole thing with a Democrat? In 2012, Romney would have won if he had as many Republican conservatives voting for him as McCain. He didn’t carry as many of his own party as the candidate who hamstrung his own VP candidate, who thought the media were his best friends, who endorsed Obama in the last debate. Republicans haven’t had a candidate who thought that Democrat ideas were stupid and evil since Reagan, nor have they won a landslide election since then. It’s time for a Republican candidate who believes in conservatism and expresses it clearly.

My reply:


We will never get another Ronald Reagan — as with such great men, he was one-of-a-kind — but we can, I think, realistically search for someone who, shall we say, is infused with The Spirit Of Reagan, which is really just The Spirit Of The Founding.

I see it is Sarah Palin and it’s looking like Ted Cruz may have it as well [too early to tell]. Rand Paul is too Tom Paine / Thomas Jefferson for me.

Your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated.

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