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The Left Is Like A Spoiled Rotten Brat

24 May 2013 @ 00:23

It’s never satisfied until it gets everything it wants.

Here’s the headline from the Talking Points Memo report* on the story of the Boy Scouts allowing homosexual members:

Boy Scouts Vote To Allow Gay Scouts,
Continue Discrimination Against LGBT Leaders

This is who they are — relentless as the rain.

SIDENOTE: Another area where they won’t be satisfied is when it comes to allowing adults to have sex with children, as Stacy McCain has been chronicling here, here, and here.  Thanks, Stacy.

And do take the time to click here and read Dan Collins’s thoughtful analysis on this.

*I won’t link the rat bastards.

  1. Arius permalink
    24 May 2013 @ 01:13 01:13

    If I still had young children I wouldn’t allow them to be Boy Scouts. There are certainly enough parents with a functioning brain in this degenerate country that will do the same. The sodomites take down another American tradition.

    • 24 May 2013 @ 09:25 09:25

      “If I still had young children I wouldn’t allow them to be Boy Scouts”

      It’s the only recourse parents have now.

  2. 24 May 2013 @ 08:14 08:14

    Related (sort of) to the Florida story: from last week.

    “Big Lake Republican Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, though, suggested some voters were deceived last fall when they rejected a constitutional gay marriage ban. Voters ‘were told it was OK to vote no because nothing would change. Do they feel lied to? Yeah.'”

    Their propaganda campaign consisted first of, “If you approve a pro-opposite-sex marriage amendment to the state constitution, you’re against love,” and when they just barely won that one (47.44% Yes, 52.56% No), it was, “See, we won with an overwhelming majority and that proves that Minnesotans aren’t h8rs!”, and then finally, “If you object to our pro-gay marriage bill, you drink h8rade every day and are against love”. Oh, yeah, and then there was the commercial with the crying (supposed) Republican about how something bad happened to him and that made him to stop being a h8r and learn to love teh gheys.

    I guess they’ve now made it clear what they’re going to demand we normalize next in the name of “love”.

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