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The MSM: The Memphis Mafia Reincarnated

16 May 2013 @ 10:57

While I don’t agree with every conclusion Greg Gutfeld reaches in his new column over at Breitbart, I think he’s spot-on with this one:

And so while some junkies live, Elvis died. No one had the balls to shout, “Stop," which is why he ended up full of bacon, booze, and pills, a whale beached in a bathroom.

And this Elvis syndrome is, oddly enough, happening again right now, politically. I saw this same enabling behavior happen in the last five years, as the media fulfilled the role of the hopeless mom to the self-indulgent Obama Administration. And now, this week, the chickens have not only come home to roost, they’re freebasing in the garage. The family is fed up.

As I mentioned yesterday on The Five (it features five people, at 5 pm, on FNC), our national hive of hacks are really nothing more than the Memphis Mafia, the folks who protected Elvis Presley through his worst excesses, until his particular administration ended on a toilet.

The MSM are the flunky-di-tutti-flunkys of America.

Methinks that, while many will continue to protect The Anointed One, some will turn on Obama. But they won’t do it for any noble reasons and/or because their consciences have made them ‘see the light’. Rather, they will discard their doltish demi-god because, for them, The Cause — The Revolution — is more important than any individual Human Being. Ultimately, to these True Believers, Barack Hussein Obama is just and egg — and if he has to be broken to make their Heaven-On-Earth Omelet, then so be it.

It will be interesting to watch what happens on the Left over the coming weeks and months [hold tight your Schadenfreude!].

A key to the near-future remaining a royal pain in the arse for them, however, is us being relentless in refusing to let any of the current issues die in the public’s mind. We’ve got to keep hammering the bastards, and hammering them hard.

And don’t expect most of the GOP to do anything more than inflict girly taps with their pink, Quisling hammers. They’re a useless bunch of cowards.

  1. 16 May 2013 @ 18:07 18:07

    Yeah, when was the last time a Congressional hearing did anything good? The Clinton impeachment hearings? Iran/Contra?, Nixon?

  2. 17 May 2013 @ 23:48 23:48

    How could I not link to this one:

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