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Best Analysis Of Info In Jonathan Karl’s Report

10 May 2013 @ 19:28

It comes from long-time Internet commentator and one of my Friends In The Ether, Adjoran…

He left the following remarks in the Comments section of Stacy McCain’s post entitled The Big Benghazi Lie: State Department Deleted Key Facts From Talking Points:

State was concerned that the original talking points might lead people to believe they had failed to respond to requests for added security, just because they had failed to respond to requests for added security, and that they ignored cries for help, just because they ignored cries for help.

It is also clear now that Carney was lying to the press corpse in every single statement he made about those talking points.   I guess now we get to see if the “mighty watchdog” which acts like a lapdog has in fact been neutered.  If they continue their soft and docile treatment of Carney and Obama, we’ll know they left something on the cutting room floor.

We certainly know the men in the Press Corpse left their gonads in a mason jar on The White House porch.

Two additional thoughts from me…

-We should not be surprised at any of this as, I believe, all members of the Left In America are employees of The-Big-Lies-R-Us, which, as I understand it, is owned by George Soros.

-Many on the Right are expressing the belief that the publishing of Karl’s report means the Benghazi Cover-Up story has now been blown wide-open.

I hope they’re right, but I have my doubts.  The story, after all, was dropped on a Friday, along with the IRS abuse [‘squirrel!‘?] story.

SIDENOTE: Do check out Richard McEnroe’s spot-on clarification of the difference between the two kinds of ‘lying’.

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    10 May 2013 @ 21:53 21:53

    The media’s abject worship of Barack the Unready continues to disgust me. It will only quicken the doom.

  2. 11 May 2013 @ 14:23 14:23

    I firmly believe that even if Zer0 were photographed pulling the trigger in Benghazi, the Press Corpse would still carry his water for him. I seriously doubt anything will come of this, but I would really, really like to be proven wrong.


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