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#BunniLove – Remembering Bunni

08 May 2013 @ 21:22

Earlier today, our Bunni Buddy In The Blogosphere, Amusing Bunni [aka: Carol Mackie] was laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, Illinois.

She apparently had no blood relatives, but Carol did have a family: her friends.

Here are some of them…

Odie [Woodsterman]:

I Love You Bunni and I will miss you!


She had amazing fortitude to stay at home as long as she did. She lived life as she wanted to live it….

…Bunni cannot be replaced. She was one-of-a kind. A super morale-booster.


…Bunni was great at lifting our spirits and making us laugh. I miss her already. The only comforting thought is that at least Bunni is not in excruciating pain anymore. May she be at peace in heaven.

Mare [Zilla]:

Cancer didn’t win, Bunni never let it beat her, she never lost her faith, her courage, or her kindness, so Carol was VICTORIOUS. She’s a hero.

Cinnamin M:

1776 Freedom Fighter:

Bunni was a very special lady with a delightful sense of humor. She touched so many of our lives and captured our hearts.

Rest in Peace, Brave Bunni. My prayers for you continue as you join our Heavenly Father for your eternal high place in Heaven . . .


Bunni doesn’t want us to be sad.  As Zilla has stated, Bunni said she would be our Guardian Angel.

God has blessed her with hundreds of people who are praying for her and missing her.  …She was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

Lambs Lettuce:

She wrote to me, how when a blogger was in trouble or need, fellow bloggers and readers were always the first to come through and lend a hand. How she loved them! God gave Bunni a wonderful talent and I am so happy that she shared it with us.


Sara B:

Oh sweet Bunni you are a brave and beautiful soul who never lost your zest for life and love for others as you struggled with great physical and I’m sure personal pain. Your strong faith gives us all a high bar to strive for in our own difficulties and pain and a perspective that life is brief and eternity is lasting hence our priorities should reflect this truth… Rest well sweet Bunni! We love you!


Only last week I spoke to Carol and she sounded so upbeat and positive that it was she who cheered me up.


I love you, Carol, my beautiful Bunny Buddy! The world was nicer with you in it, and surely heaven can only be more heavenly now that you are there. I can’t say goodbye to you, so I’ll say I hope to see you when my own time in this place is through. May God and all his angels give you eternal peace and everlasting joy. I love you so much.


God bless Amusing Bunni.  I will miss her way with words.  There is no one who can use the expression “grifters” in conjunction with the Obamas that is more cutting and devastating.


I still can’t believe she’s gone. She was such a positive force that I half believed Carol would prove the doctors wrong. I spoke with her only a few days before she passed and she still managed to make jokes and comment with exasperation at the events in D.C. I had only known Bunni through her blog, but when I read about her plight, I couldn’t sit by and do nothing. I donated to her medical fund and she wrote back with personal anecdotes about her life with Molly and all her internet friends. From time to time I sent small gifts and Carol would reply with the sweetest, most thoughtful of notes of thanks. Over time I was fortunate to speak with her on the phone; however those conversations always left me amazed at her strength and a bit ashamed to realize how fortunate I was and how ungrateful I had been.

Bunni taught me to take a second look at all I had to be thankful for as well as all the beauty and wonder around me. She gave so much and probably never knew how much she touched peoples’ lives and made them better. I’m sure Carol went right to the head of the line where the wings are handed out. She truly was and is an angel.

Gator Doug:

The world just lost a great person.

Eleanor In Hell:

Lucifer loses another one (hurrah!)  ;-)

Mind Numbed Robot:

It’s a sad day in Robot Land.

My blogger friend Carol, who kept us all in good spirits at her blog Amusing Bunni’s Musings has graduated from this earthly realm and gone to meet her savior and redeemer in Heaven, from where she graciously offered to be a guardian angel for her friends. Thank you, Bunni, I can use all the help I can get.


Barking Spider:

She’s been such a good, gentle, kind and thoughtful friend over the years and, as you know, I grew to love her dearly even though we lived so far apart – I’m going to miss her so very much……. I already do. I truly hope she’s with her mother again – that was her dearest wish – it was that one thought that gave her the strength to carry on these last few months. She certainly deserves to be with her again after all these years, (she lost her mum when she was only five years old), and that she’s once again, surrounded by love, warmth, completely free of pain and at total peace.

I hope Bunni and I get to meet again someday – and, of course, when we do meet, I also hope that her mom actually approves of me as being suitable company for her darling daughter.

Always On Watch:

I hope that Bunni’s web site stays up forever.  So much joy there!

Last December, Opus visited Bunni for a few days and reported:

Opus-Bunni1bI return home with my head held high because I have a closer relationship with a wonderful friend named Bunni.

And I return home with my heart dragging low, because Bunni is gravely ill.

On the bright side, Bunni is a beautiful woman, physically beautiful, with long red hair, clear pale skin, bright intelligent eyes and chiseled cheekbones.  She would still have a girlish figure, too, if her stomach were not heavy and distended with tumors. I hope the doctors can clear up the leg infection that leaves one foot redder and more swollen/painful than the other.

I expected to have the opportunity to help Bunni by getting things for her in the house and maybe even cleaning her house. Ha! Did she show me! Bunni is a consummate hostess.  Her house was already immaculately clean when I arrived. She then waited on me, bringing delicious hot tea while I lounged on her comfortable couch. And Bunni is a wonderful cook. She made a gourmet omelet for breakfast. I teased her that if she takes such good care of guests, she would have bloggers lined up down the sidewalk!

Kitteh kept an eye on me too, accompanying me around the house, and keeping watch over me as I fell asleep. After she saw me settled for the night, she went to Bunni to keep her company.

The picture and video she took of Kitteh may be found here.


Bunni, it broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone.  A part of us went with you the day God called you home.  From this day forward we’ll look for you in rainbows high up in the sky.


According to my sources, this is a picture of Bunni being born:


[TECHNICAL NOTE: I’m experiencing some problems retrieving certain remarks I wanted to feature in this post; I will post them tomorrow, so please come back tomorrow evening.  Apologies.]

  1. 08 May 2013 @ 21:38 21:38

    This is beautiful Bob. Wonderful post. Great tribute to a dear sweet lady. #BunniLove.

  2. 08 May 2013 @ 22:03 22:03

    Now you’ve gone and done it. I gotz tearz. You haz any anti-rust ointment? Love you guys. All of you.

  3. 08 May 2013 @ 22:11 22:11

    Beautiful post, Bob.

  4. 08 May 2013 @ 22:19 22:19

    Great tribute Bob. Everyone will miss Bunni’s unique sense of humor.

  5. 08 May 2013 @ 22:21 22:21

    Meant to add that Bunni was one of the first people to visit my blog when I started.

  6. 09 May 2013 @ 07:02 07:02

    Thank you, Bob, coming here and reading your beautiful tribute was like going to a good wake – a balm for my soul. I’m struggling for words, but I hope what I tried to say makes sense. Anyway (((hugs)) and thanks again. Well done, sir. XOXO

  7. 09 May 2013 @ 08:26 08:26

    Excellent post Bob. Clearly, Bunni was a special person in many lives.

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      09 May 2013 @ 08:39 08:39

      She was indeed. When you were feeling down, for whatever reason, you could also go to her place for a pick-me-up. Also, she was a fierce believer in freedom and liberty.

  8. benning permalink
    09 May 2013 @ 11:42 11:42

    Perfect post, Bob. It was a beautiful day in Florida, too, but Bunni is still gone. 😦

    • thecampofthesaints permalink
      09 May 2013 @ 13:04 13:04

      Up here in New England it was a wonderful day, but, still, something was missing.

  9. 10 May 2013 @ 10:07 10:07

    Opus has a new beautiful post about Bunni’s funeral, which I think makes a perfect complement to the lovely wake you have here at your place. Here is the linky:
    Now I am going to mop up my tears once again, take a deep breath, and try to think some happy thoughts for Carol. My 8 year old daughter came home from school yesterday with a beautiful little illustrated story book she created about a cute little family of bunnies, and my first thought was that I wish I could send it to Carol because I think she would have really liked it. If I can get a scanner to work with my laptop, I shall have to find a way to share the lil book with you all, because you’ll see why I wanted Carol to have it when you see all the lil cute bunnies that my kid drew. I don’t know where my child gets her artistic knack from, cuz I can barely even scribble stick figures so she didn’t get it from me!

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