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Great Reporting by @Liberty_Chick – ‘Boston Bombers: What We Do and Don’t Know’

21 April 2013 @ 19:43

In a report published over Legal Insurrection, Mandy Nagy does one heckuva job informing us about what information regarding the Boston Marathon Terrorist we can be pretty much sure is correct.

A highlight:

After a nation watched in suspense as events unfolded this week surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings and the ensuing manhunt for the suspects, we now await the details in our quest to understand “why.”

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and killed Friday in a confrontation with police in the early morning hours. Younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev fled, prompting a manhunt that finally ended Saturday after “suspect #2” was found injured and hiding in a boat behind a residence in Watertown, Massachusetts.  Dzhokhar remains in a hospital while the nation awaits what is expected to be an arrest.

The week proved to be a difficult one for collecting information, as coverage was frequently erroneous, a problem only exacerbated by the viral nature of social media.  What remains in the wake of that coverage is a sea of assorted facts and fictions, mistaken identities, misquotes and bad news decisions, and even the remnants of hoaxes.

In trying to parse through to the facts, what do we know about the suspected Boston bombers?

Please do take the time to click here, read the rest, and bookmark it as a resource.

This is ‘Just The Facts, Ma’am’ Reporting at it’s best.

Great job, Mandy.

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