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Meanwhile, In Other News…

17 April 2013 @ 10:27

With such a horrific act as The Boston Marathon Bombing, it’s very easy to become distracted from other important news that’s going on.

Never letting a good crisis or distraction go to waste, the Left In America is moving forward on other fronts as we focus on the terrorist act in the Bay State.

It’s difficult, but we have to allot time for issues such as the effort to repeal the Second Amendment by unconstitutional means and the push to turn criminal aliens into legal immigrants. And then there’s the implementation of the Marxist Common Core standards for education. And there are so many other Leftist offensives in progress.

These past few days, I have had to force myself – sometimes unsuccessfully – to turn my attentions to these other matters.

But we have to try, especially because we all known damn well that the Left In America will take every advantage they can of this situation, both regarding matters directly related to the Bombing and not.

This is a multi-front war and…

The Battle Rages On.


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