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Communism Never Died

11 April 2013 @ 13:43

Many on the Right [I'm ignoring the Left on this subject because they are all lost causes in matters like this] have been going around for over two decades saying something exactly or near the following statement: ‘When the Soviet Union fell, we defeated Communism’.

What brought this to mind was reading and hearing people use a variation of that phrase these past several days when they were discussing the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. It’s gone something like this: ‘Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paul II together defeated Communism’.

We never ‘defeated Communism’.

We defeated Soviet Communism when The Iron Curtain was lifted and the USSR fell.

Communism still lives and, in some places like Red China, thrives [as much as such an unnatural system can thrive].

The battle against it rages on.

Communism is still a menace.

In fact, it is more of a menace now that the Democratic Party in America has been taken over by Communists.

I have no compunction about using that word because

Since the Progressives began moving into the Party in the late 19th Century and up until the 1960’s, the Leftist Democrats were Fascists — they had no desire to nationalize every industry and no plan to eventually take ownership of all private property. They merely wanted to construct a large regulatory state, where government kept a firm and controlling hand on commerce and took a hands-off approach to what they considered private and personal matters [such as what went on in bedrooms].

This all began to change in the late 1960’s when the, for lack of a better term, New Left [really a collection of Marxists, Maoists, Trotskyites, and all sorts of other -ites] decided to gain power from within the Democratic Party. People like the Socialist Michael Harrington fought with the more violent-minded of their comrades on the Radical Left in favor of adopting the strategy of pursuing this course of action — and they eventually won. The Radical Left took control of the Party in less than two decades. They were aided in this effort by those of their ilk who had invaded other influential institutions, such as think tanks, the Mainstream Media, and education. For years, they all worked behind the scenes, occasionally releasing trial balloons to gauge, via the reaction to them, how far they could now push their Revolutionary Agenda. It was a Creeping, Stealthy Socialism.

With the election of a Radical Leftist President [who oversaw a bureaucracy that had been thoroughly infiltrated by the Radical Left] and a Democratic Congress [which also had been thoroughly infiltrated by the Radical Left], the Revolutionaries began to come out in the open. And one thing that was very clear was that these Leftists were not interested any longer in incremental change. Their figurehead came right-out and declared they wanted to fundamentally transform The United States Of America. In other words, they wanted to make it into something unrecognizable, an alien entity — a transubstantiation of Biblical proportions.

Sure, the Left In America still lied and deceived — they’ve always had to do so because most people find their real intentions and ideas repugnant once they understand them, so the Left has to rely on things like The Big Lie — but they now openly fought for such things as the Socialization of the health care system, ‘gay marriage’, and the confiscation of firearms.

They were emboldened and they became brazen.

On the plus-side: this behavior has slowly caused more and more people to wake up to their responsibilities as citizens of The American Republic.

However, our numbers are not even close to approaching a majority.

Because, on the negative side: a sizable chunk of the populace has put material comforts above their spiritual comforts and the Left is right there, waiting to sit them on their lap and hug them as Santa Claus made real.

No…Communism was never defeated: it is a parasite that is alive and well and feeding off the body of The American Republic.

  1. joe blowe permalink
    11 April 2013 @ 15:36 15:36

    In economic terms the governments of the world are draining the wealth of all citizens by the difference between real inflation ~5.5% and available interest rates ~1.25%.
    They are forcing the retirees to spend their wealth just to support themselves – many know they do not have enough money to carry them through the rest of their days. It is evil.


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