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On Obama: Making The Point…Again

05 April 2013 @ 09:07

It’s sad and troubling that the points about Obama that Jeff Goldstein felt compelled to make again yesterday has to be made at all, but there are still so many Americans out there who, after five-plus years of watching and reading about this community organizer, still refuse to acknowledge just who and what he is.

So here goes again…Jeff wrote:

Obama is a demagogue and a liar.  Hell, even his name is a lie.

That so many people were fooled by him not once but twice means only that they aren’t particularly bright, not that he isn’t who I’ve been saying he is since he first broke onto the national scene: a Marxist who was polished for public office by a former domestic terrorist so as to act as a Trojan Horse virus that unleashes all of the poison progressives have spent years insinuating into law and the larger culture and its institutions.

He is the protege of Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Ayers and Dohrne. He was taught by Piven and Alinsky and Said, among others (including critical race theorists), and did his graduate work as a street organizer and Cooper Union socialist activist. He has been conditioned to believe the US is the world’s most offensive bully, that it was born in genocide, expanded through colonialism, enriched through slavery, and entrenched as a superpower by wars of aggression — its citizens held captive by an economic system that is at once coarse and systemically “unfair.” He is a transnational progressive who deplores state sovereignty, hates wealth not born of “public service,” and wishes to re-set not only relations with Russia, but the whole of the global RISK board.

Honestly: what did you fucking expect would happen? That, because he won a national election, he must necessarily love his country and at heart be a “good man”?

Yeah. How’s that working out for you?

Let me take it further…

How can you sit there, with the mountains of evidence at your command, and still ascribe any — any — positive motives to what this man-child does? How do you sleep?

Obama and his comrades are set upon the destruction of The American Republic and, more importantly, the dissipation of The American Spirit into the foul air of banal enslavement.

They despise everything — every damn thing — you stand for. They want to destroy your representative government, deny you a voice in your own destiny, destroy your family, destroy your relationships, destroy your property, obliterate your belief in the self-evident Truths handed to us by Nature’s God. And they don’t want you to simply agree to be ruled by them — no, no — they want you to betray your own soul and embrace them — they want you to love Big Brother.

This is insidious. This is pure, unadulterated Evil at work here.

Unlike Authoritarians, these Totalitarians demand that you totally surrender every aspect of yourself to them. And, make no mistake, as History has shown over and over and over again: those who refuse to do so will be eliminated.

To paraphrase Jeff: this is what Leftists do; this is who they are.

And, if you don’t admit it, if you don’t accept the Truth of the situation, you are condemning yourself and those you love and respect to enslavement or death — the stakes are that high.

Wake up and smell the Evil.

Saddle-up and become an Outlaw.

You can’t be the victim
Of your own bloody hand
It’s Treason Within
Treason Within

Treason Within, Shadowplay, lyrics by Bob Belvedere

RECOMMENDATION: Whenever you start to feel like you should take anything Barack Hussein Obama says as worthy of legitimate consideration, please read this post again, so that you will not find yourself giving into that foul temptation.

  1. 05 April 2013 @ 17:58 17:58

    I knew, intellectually, at least, that evil would increase by leaps and bounds as we approached the end, but I am as much a victim of normalcy bias as the next man. It’s hard to believe how quickly evil is coalescing.

    Things are getting weird now, but after Christ removes the church, things are going to get really weird. As bad as things are getting to be now, it’s hard imagine what things will be like during the time Christ described as tribulation such as the world has never seen, nor will see again.

  2. 06 April 2013 @ 16:00 16:00

    You sound just like me, only more eloquent


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