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The Way The Left Thinks [Updated Below]

04 April 2013 @ 10:23

WARNING: This post contains think so convoluted and perverse that, if you find yourself thinking it an acceptable way to act, you should immediately seek help at a poison control center or hit yourself repeatedly upside your head with a 2×4.

Jeff Goldstein captures, I think, exactly how the Left In America is approaching and how it will approach the confiscation of our firearms.

Commenting on the loose language in Harry Reid’s gun control bill, which would allow for the AG to set-up a gun registry, he writes:

Dealing with the new breed of national Democrat — those who have spent their lives basting in New Left dogma, and who have fallen-in lockstep behind the progressive agenda being pushed by this Administration — requires constant vigilance. That they were discovered here watering down language to open the way for the beginnings of a national gun registry means only that, should they now be defeated in their plan by strong arguments and sunlight, they’ll merely try again later, in some other way, using some other bill or some other crisis to reach their ends.

That is, if the full-frontal approach doesn’t work, they’ll return to the incremental approach — and with respect to their gun control aims, the contours to that approach are already quite clear: empower the AG to expand the parameters for what is included in a background check, wherein a partisan agent is given the power to determine what group or groups of people come to constitute a potential danger; cross-reference ObamaCare, with its governmental access to health and prescription records, with other databases, using medical professionals and (they hope) mental health professionals to create the conditions under which they can argue for “sensible” prohibitions on firearms ownership; use Democratic majorities in various states to drive draconian gun control measures through the state legislatures on a party-line vote, then see which of those state laws stand up to court challenges and which do not; use agencies such as the CDC to lend an air of scientific and medical emergency to the “gun violence” “epidemic” — as if gun violence is contagious in any way other than through some strained sociological metaphor — then demand action to combat the crisis or “epidemic” (regardless of what the crime statistics show).

We are living in a time when our government is looking for ways to usurp our rights, pressuring them from every angle, waiting for us to “compromise” if only to make them relent.

This is the method described in the pages of the Leftist Playbook.

They don’t need no stinkin’ violent Revolution! No, no.

The Left In America decided in the 1970’s and 1980’s [please see: Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-In-Chief*] to become a cancer and invade the American Body Politic from within, first striking at certain organs and then, from those bases, metastasizing.

One of their main tactics [and one that has been successful over and over and over again] is the one Jeff describes above.

In that same post, he also issues a necessary reminder:

Make no mistake: We are not fighting a party that disagrees with us on certain policy issues; we are fighting an ideology that has as its purpose the deconstruction of the Constitution, and with it, a clear path to remake society in its image through pure assertion of unchecked power, marshaling regulation, taxation, price controls, and the re-defining of core foundational ideas made permanent by activist courts as a way to fundamentally transform the US.

Dead solid perfect.

Copy and paste that paragraph of Jeff’s, print it, and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every single Goddamn day to remind you of just what the Enemy is up to.

SIDENOTE: It is my belief that the national government is so riddled with the Leftist Cancer that it is beyond hope of saving and that our last and best hope is to be found in several of the Several States.

UPDATE at 1931…

In another post today, Jeff captures how the Left In America plays the Useful Idiots of the GOP:

…[John] McCain has become something of a barometer on these types of issue:  if he agrees to “compromise,” you can be certain it is on that particular point that the Democrats are most hoping to win — McCain being one of the most steadfast of the purely political animals on the GOP side, and as such, an easy target for ideologues who have pushed a national narrative of a desire for compromise.  In  particular, if by “compromising” on one point while voting against several others, McCain believes he’ll receive plaudits from the non-whacko birds in the major leftwing media for being one of the “reasonable” kind of Republicans, that’s what he’ll do.   Or, to put this another way, the progressives know which Republicans will sell out their base for some backslaps and pottage, so they maneuver their legislative desires to target those figures — and then they set up their strategy to coax the dupes toward accepting what it is they really wanted all along.

Yeah…perhaps McCain in more of a Dupe than a Useful Idiot, like Cryin’ John Boehner.

* It is not simply a book about how Obama became a
Radical Leftist and conducted himself in the 1980’s and
1990’s. It is also a history of the Left In America since
the late 1960’s.

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    04 April 2013 @ 11:55 11:55

    The lefty marxists aren’t hard to deal with, just place them in the evil column and be wary of everything they say and do and fight them at every step. It’s the fukin’ rinos that I detest. The sneaky bastards pretend to back liberty but will sell your ass out in a heartbeat if it gains them money or power. And they always have a fricken excuse for their rino vote.

  2. Yank lll permalink
    04 April 2013 @ 17:59 17:59

    “SIDENOTE: It is my belief that the national government is so riddled with the Leftist Cancer that it is beyond hope of saving.. Amen, and the cancer needs to be excised, hopefully the patient will survive but if not we can start over anyway.

  3. 05 April 2013 @ 18:07 18:07

    I think the US of Lincoln;s Union will not survive it’s current test. Fact is, the test has been failed miserably. LIncoln’s Union could not sustained as it was based on force majeur which destroyed the influence of the founding ideology. Sooner or later, the monster was going to come apart at the seams simply because human nature is the sinful thing it is.

    Destruction probably would have come even if Lincoln had never come around. But, it would have taken a lot longer.


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