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I Got Your Carbon Tax Right Here, Clyde [Grabs Crotch]

04 April 2013 @ 08:26

One of the reasons I visit Jeff Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom every day, and would encourage you to, is because of the commentators, who are a thoughtful, insightful, and entertaining bunch. Case in point…

Yesterday, Jeff published a post about the IMF’s call for The United States to impose a five hundred billion dollar carbon tax on the people of America.

The IMF believes our energy products are ‘underpriced’ and, thus, unfair to the rest of the world because our selfishness ‘is “accelerating the depletion of natural resources” and contributing to climate change’.

[Jeff, of course, was having none of the pablum they were puking.  I encourage you to click here and read his full response.]

PW commentator SBP responded:

I’d like to see the U.S. adopt an automatic boilerplate amendment process that would insert the language “but first you will blow us” in anything emanating from the UN, IMF, etc.

Man, I like the cut of his jib.

So, do spend some time over at Protein Wisdom where you will not only enjoy the wit and wisdom of Jeff Goldstein, who is a modern day Madison/Hamilton, but, also, the same from his crew of Outlaws [just ignore the baby-talking yellow foot fungus — you’ll know who I’m taking about once you get there].

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  1. 05 April 2013 @ 07:24 07:24

    As I already noted at the mothership, this, along with James Hansen’s retirement from NASA, indicates that another big push from the enviro-Nazis is coming. The public isn’t that into them anymore and their sloppy science/alarmism is being exposed, so they’ve got to steal as much as they can before the lid slams down on their fingers.

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