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‘It’s Who They Are / It’s What They Do’

02 April 2013 @ 13:51

Unlike many others on the Right who ‘still believe the people on the Left are decent, well-meaning people who happen to be wrong philosophically‘ and refuse, therefore, to confront the Truth about the evil designs of the Left In America, Jeff Goldstein wears no blinders and refuses to sweeten his words, because he knows this is a time for speaking plainly and forthrightly:

It’s out in the open now. There’s no longer any real pretense of objectivity. Each time the progressive media “report” favorably on something they characterize like this (fairly or not) — and no switch comes down to sting their hands — they grow ever more emboldened. In the Oval Office they know they have someone who believes the very same things as they do, someone steeped in the very same academic indoctrination, someone who was taught to hate the country he now leads. Just like they were taught to hate it — and to self hate — convinced that to do so was liberating, the mark of having been truly educated, of seeing beyond the patriotic mythology into the cold black soul of a racist country whose successes came at the expense others it had dominated. And they are protected as a result of that ideological kinship. Free to express that hatred. They are on the side of powerunbridled power that has revealed itself to them in ways subtle and direct. They are the ones they’ve been waiting for, they were told. And it invigorates them. It gives them a sense of purpose and momentum. Because through the heart of every leftist runs the blood of totalitarianism, of confirmation bias, of rank bigotry and a mob’s lust for violence, for punishment, for blood, for inflicting suffering on those who dare oppose their designs. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

Indeed — it’s their core, their root.

All Leftists want to tear down all existing institutions and build ones they have conceived in the sterile laboratories of their minds on the rubble or, in the case of the lesser ones [the un-Illuminated apparatchiks], they want to hollow-out those institutions and build new substructures inside.

They despise Life as it is. They are Anti-Life. They are Nihilists ['they were taught to hate it — and
to self hate'] and, therefore, believe they are not restrained by any Morals or codes. Everything is permissible to the Leftist.

More from Jeff:

The frightening truth that so many are pretending not to see is that we’ve seen this kind of scapegoating before elsewhere in the world. By design. Intended to bring about a desired end. Here, today, the narrative from the neo-Stalinist progressives is that constitutionalists are racial supremacists and paranoid freaks; the Founding Fathers are their false idols; and the founding documents are their fetish. Religion is both their opiate and their cocaine, the thing that simultaneously dulls them into an intellectual stupor and turns them into evangelical zealots bent on demanding obeisance. Taken together, this toxic blend of hateful ignorance makes these slack-jawed clingers to their guns and their religion exceedingly dangerous to “sensible” people who want to live in a “community” wherein “common sense” laws — not the hoary edicts of dead white patriarchal slave owners — hold sway. Rational, cultured, intellectual people want to live in a land that looks forward, to progress, not backward, to a time of tri-cornered hats and oppression of the Other.

This is the propaganda war being launched against you, against me, against we, the people. Or at least, one prong of that war. Because it goes beyond the mere normalizing of a video game playing out a fantasy based (at least partially) around that narrative. It is a “truth” they must construct, then peddle, then reinforce. To demonize the constitutionalists is to demonize the Constitution. And to demonize the Constitution is to ready us for its obviation.

The Left’s efforts to demonize us are part of their strategy to delegitimize our way of thinking. They want all of us to view the world through their funhouse mirror [they’ve declared us Outlaws…well…we
might as well start living-up to the role, eh?].

We cannot compromise with the Nihilists because it means dealing away our Morality — making a deal with The Devil, as it were.

Every single thing they stand for — EVERY. SINGLE. THING. — is the exact opposite of what we hold dear.

SIDENOTE: A number of commentators from the Right badly misinterpreted Jeff’s remarks and made, well, fools of themselves in the Comments section of his post. He replies to them here.

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  1. 02 April 2013 @ 19:40 19:40

    Exemplary. I post about this routinely. They are anti-western civilization. To the left, that is the enemy

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