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Manic In The Morning: Jew Won’t Believe This

25 March 2013 @ 19:22

Apparently, the new Party Line concerning Michael Bloomberg’s crusade to eliminate the Second Amendment is to charge those who oppose His Bleeding Majesty with being — get this — Anti-Semites…no, you read that right, amigos: the Left In America is trying to sell the idea that those of us who oppose Big Nanny Bloomy are just big old Jew Haters [damn!…can’t find my copy of The Protocols…].

I’ll give you a moment to finish ROTFLYAO………………………………….

The new Line was tried out on MSNBC this morning on Morning Joe by, among others, well-known Jew lover Al Sharpton.

Jeff Goldstein has the video over at his joint and comments:

Let me answer this way:  the only people who will buy this premise are other lefties, and even then, only because they’ll see it as a way to try and damage constitutionalists.  That is, they’ll try to manufacture this kind of gross libel and then spread it, pretending that they are themselves champions of the Jews — and they will express OUTRAGE that Bloomberg is meeting resistance from racist, anti-semitic gun nuts unwilling to consider common-sense advice from some uppity rich kike.

They can all fuck off.  And Bloomberg can fuck off with them — not because he’s a Jew, but because he’s a narcissist and a would-be tyrant who is buying influence in states that didn’t elect him.  That is, he’s a carpetbagger.

War is coming.  And the establishment knows it.  So I expect them to pull out all the stops they can to divide us into identity factions and pit us against one another.

Sadly for them, we aren’t leftists.  And we will separate ourselves out only into those who desire liberty and those who do not.

That the Leftist Masterminds would try to pull-off something as outrageous as this just shows how brazen they’ve become since 20 January 2009.  They believe that THIS IS THEIR MOMENT, the once-in-a-lifetime chance they have been dreaming of where they can begin the earnest work of perfecting Mankind — whether they like it or not, of course.  And people who hold such fevered thoughts will do and say the most outlandish things in their delirium.

The Left In America is exhibiting more and more such freakish, over-the-top, and highly hysterical behavior.

They are in a Manic Stage.

Perhaps we can exploit this to our advantage?

No matter if we are able to or not, we must resist the Left’s attempts to divide us into groups of their own design and, as Jeff says, separate ourselves into those who desire freedom and liberty.

We must become OUTLAWS.

SIDENOTE: These are the kind of times I wish Aaron Zelman was still alive.

  1. indyjonesouthere permalink
    26 March 2013 @ 11:01 11:01

    The desperation of the left shows up everywhere as each and every project they promote and pass turns to crap right in front of them. I suggest they draft ol’ Tony the Weiner to promote the “anti-big stick” show and tweet his twitter from coast to coast. He does need a job right? And if they need to maintain the antisemitism speil who better than Tony to carry the torch for the no boomstick crowd.

  2. 26 March 2013 @ 18:49 18:49

    Since being pro 2nd amendment is anti-semitic I guess I need to turn myself into Foxman so he can gas me and burn my body right after I nuke the Israeli Embassy.

    Bloomberg is a sickening idiot. His election as mayor says much about the NYC electorate, and it’s all bad.

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