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@DaTechGuyblog Hits The Target Dead On Center

25 March 2013 @ 13:10

As you know, the government of Cyprus is deciding what percentage of monies in the back accounts of it’s people to seize [here's the latest plan].

As DTG points out:

Wikipedia on Gun laws in Cyprus:

Cyprus has strict gun control. Private citizens are completely forbidden from owning handguns and rifles in any calber, even .22 rimfire. Only shotguns are allowed, and these require a license. Shotguns are limited to two rounds. The only shotguns typically sold in stores are double-barreled side-by-sides or over-unders. Pump actions and semiautomatics are prohibited.

The title of Pete’s post says it all:

Cyprus, Amazing what you can do to an unarmed populace

Nice shooting, Ingemi.

For the longest time I’ve warned people to look to Great Britain for what the future holds for America if we don’t utterly reject Leftism in all of it’s forms. I hereby add Cyprus to that list.

ADVICE: Hold your 401K’s tight — you won’t have control over them much longer.

SIDENOTE: Does anyone thing Russia is just going to bend over and take it up the Borscht Bowl?

  1. 25 March 2013 @ 15:31 15:31

    That is why I only keep enough cash in the bank to cover bills. Everything else is converted to precious metals, Silver, copper, lead and Brass…I can’t afford Gold.

  2. sally1137 permalink
    25 March 2013 @ 17:42 17:42

    There may not be a run on American banks right away, but the amount of deposits will be steadily decreasing. Mine started last week.

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    25 March 2013 @ 19:08 19:08

    Money and face. The things wars start over.

    • 25 March 2013 @ 20:03 20:03

      Since 1789, I think you can add Power to that list.

      • M. Thompson permalink
        26 March 2013 @ 00:42 00:42

        Face, or reputation, is a component of power. It is but another inheritance we’ve squandered over the past twenty plus years.

        And Russia is still the Bear that Walks like a Man.

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