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The High Hypocrisy Of The Apparatchiks

23 March 2013 @ 16:18

The American Heritage Dictionary [Fourth Edition] defines an ‘apparatchik‘ thusly:



1. A member of a Communist apparat[*].
2. An unquestioningly loyal subordinate, especially of a political leader or organization

Stacy McCain reports that Slate Magazine’s ‘Matthew Yglesias has purchased a $1.2-million townhouse in D.C.’s Logan Circle’.

‘Ok’, you say ‘what’s the big deal — he’s just living the American Dream?’

Well…for me the thing that makes this worthy of comment [and ridicule] is the fact that Matty, apparently, has enough money to waste on buying a myth.  Over at Ace Of Spades, Andy recalled a tweet sent by Comrade Ygleovich back in September and posted it:

Stacy uses this incident of High Hypocrisy to pen a one-thousand word rumination that is well-worth a read.  A highlight:

…I see Yglesias’s entrance into the bourgeoisie as a teachable moment. Perhaps it is impossible for Yglesias to recognize the significance of the contradictions between his philosophy and his lifestyle, but surely there are others in the progressive blogosphere — less entitled, less elite — who might suddenly have a lightbulb over their heads: “Hey, wait a minute! How come I’m out here scraping for spare change and working a day job to support my advocacy for progressivism, while Comrade Yglesias is cashing in?”

Where’s your $1.2 million townhouse, proletarian blogger?

Progressivism as an ideology is bankrupt, a phony utopianism, a Quixotic pursuit of an egalitarian ideal that can never exist in reality.

Progressivism as a career opportunity for clever cynics — well, that’s another thing, and quite a lucrative enterprise indeed.

I like Andy’s suggestion:

So, party at Matty’s this weekend? I mean, I’m sure he won’t mind if we crash the joint, what with that myth of owning private property and all.

After all, according to this Collectivist Cumquat, he can’t, and therefore doesn’t really, own the townhouse — they’ll be a hot time in the old Potemkin Village tonight!

Live by the stupid, die by the stupid, I say…Oh!…and just remember: You can’t spell ‘apparatchik’ without the word ‘rat’ — as in ‘rat bastard’.

*’apparat’ [from the same dictionary]: Russian, the government
organization or staff
, from German Apparat, a political
, from Latin appartus, preparation; see apparatus.]

  1. M. Thompson permalink
    23 March 2013 @ 16:56 16:56

    And furthermore, progressivism must be destroyed.

  2. 23 March 2013 @ 16:57 16:57

    So, who’s going to bring the Lentils and Grappo?


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