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Reason #146 Why: Prince Reince Delenda Est

22 March 2013 @ 18:22

Prince Reince, the man who helmed the RNC as it’s Presidential Nominee went down to defeat in November, failed to regain control of the Senate, and lost seats in the House, is opening his mouth again and making us realize we were right to think him a fool…

From Andrew Stiles, we learn [tip of the fedora to the Drudge Report]:

Earlier today, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus pushed back at critics who have questioned his continued support for Senator Rob Portman, the Ohio Republican who came out in support of gay marriage last week.

“When someone asks me ‘Are you going to cut off funding for Rob Portman?’ I think it’s just ridiculous,” Priebus told a group of reporters Friday during a briefing at National Review’s Washington, D.C., office. “He’s a good Republican. I think it’s also normal and decent to still support a person that you agree with on 99 percent of the issues.”

But Priebus says his support of [Senator Rob] Portman doesn’t signal a policy shift within the party’s platform. “Yes, we’re still a pro-life party. Yes, we still defend our platform on marriage,” he said. He emphasized, however, that Republicans must also sound “reasonable” to voters who disagree.

Priebus cited former governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas as an example of someone who could be “a model for a lot of people in our party” in terms of discussing issues like marriage and abortion. “I always tell people: Listen to Governor Mike Huckabee,” he said. “I don’t know anyone that talks about them any better.”

-This is one of those issues that should determine whether or not an elected Republican or candidate receives support, of any kind, from RNC.  There are certain core issues that the Party should require agreement on if the Party is to stand-out, offer an alternative, to the Democratic Party.  Protecting the definition/reality of Marriage is one of these.

Hey, Priebus: What does your Party stand for these days?

Seems to me your answer would probably be: ‘Gaining Power and Control’.

-‘Listen to Mike Hucksterbee’?!?  Are you serious?…[shudder]…I think he is.

SIDENOTE: Rob Portman has shown himself to be either (1) ruled by his emotions, something that is dangerous in an elected official and something no sane citizen wants — we expect a level of sobriety in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities [Senator: no one gives a good Goddamn about your quest to feel good about your Narcissistic self], or (2) he is an opportunistic hack who is using his son’s declaration of his homosexuality as a way to pander for votes.

Normally, the I would recommend you bet on the latter, but these are not normal times.  Starting with the Baby Boomers and running through all of the next generations is a fetish for following one’s emotions in everything one does.  Right Reason, calm deliberation, and sobriety in contemplation — these are all traits that these generations have been taught to reject as ‘cold’ and ‘inauthentic’.

Here we see another example of what is fueling The Present Crisis.

  1. 22 March 2013 @ 18:39 18:39

    I have a gay child and love her with all my heart, but there’s no way I’ll support her choice to “marry” her partner. If somehow Virginia passes a law, there’s nothing I can do about it, but I still don’t have to support it.

    • 22 March 2013 @ 18:55 18:55

      That right there, folks, is a true conservative.

      We love people, individuals, not groups or ideas.

      • 23 March 2013 @ 10:06 10:06

        Only conservatives face facts as they are on the ground, not as the liberals do and see them as they wish to see them.

        You do your best to raise your kids right and hope they go forth and do great things, rather than throw over what you taught them. My son ended up head over heels in debt and asked me to cosign a loan so he could get out from under. I told him that I would not stand surety for him, that he got in and he could get out. I told him if he had followed my advice and got there as a result I’d some obligation to help, but he went against my counsel.

        He finally saw teh light after some rather hard times and holds an MSEE and is doing better than his old man, although he’d like to find a nice girl to marry. On that score, the pickings are just a bit slim in the US these days. But, he’s probably as much of a “right wing reactionary” as his old man, if not more so.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    22 March 2013 @ 20:57 20:57

    Daniel Greenfield wrote.
    Senator Portman’s son will never experience the joy and stability of marriage because of a decision that he made and because of the senator’s support for that decision. And that is the larger issue here. Tearing down social institutions in the name of tolerance and hedonism does not bring stability or even make people happier. America is a much less happy country since the 70s. All that love, tolerance and acceptable has not brought stability. It hasn’t even brought joy.
    That isn’t an issue at the moment, but as personal behavior becomes identity politics, the lines blur. And then you have to accept adultery to accept the adulterer. You have to give up your own values to become tolerant. And that is a formula for the death of conservatism.
    There can be gay conservatives, but not a conservatism that accepts homosexuality as the equivalent of heterosexuality.
    That man nails it every time.

  3. M. Thompson permalink
    22 March 2013 @ 21:21 21:21

    I’m incresingly convinced the solution is to pull the gunmint out of the whole damned marrige business altogether. It’s a causing all sorts of issues.

    • indyjonesouthere permalink
      23 March 2013 @ 11:02 11:02

      Actually I think state governments didn’t get into the marriage business until after the civil war, marriage was a matter of the church. It would be better if marriage returned to the church rather than be bullied about by the state. And then perhaps education could………..

  4. 23 March 2013 @ 08:09 08:09

    Someone ask Rob Portman (R-Gay Marriage) if he’s as concerned about Soviet Russian strategy nukular bombers buzzing US/Allied airspace again as he is proud of his Gay Son, stat!

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